Make your own bath Bomb | A review

Have you ever wanted to make your own bath bomb? Well, now you can!

Bomb Cosmetics have recently released an exciting new kit that allows you to design and make a bath blaster, in the comfort of your own home.

Each box contains everything you need to make three unique bath bombs: including a pair of gloves, a pipette, three bags of baking soda, each in a different colour. Three bags of citric acid, six bath blaster moulds and the decorations.

Bomb Cosmetics kindly sent me a kit to test out. Initially I thought the product would be most suitable for children due to the packaging and decorations, however after using the kit i’m now convinced that anyone would have a great time getting creative with this kit.

All ingredients are handmade from the best natural ingredients and are completely cruelty-free. This kit is the perfect lockdown/rainy day activity.

The water measurements took a bit of guess work, but in all honesty that added to the fun! But I am already looking forward to purchasing another kit to try and improve from the first time.

I created a blue bath bomb with a Clown fish topper and a yellow one with a lion topper; both bath blasters smell absolutely amazing, with a fruity, pineapple scent. Unfortunately the yellow one isn’t the prettiest due to adding too much water, however luckily, it will still work fine when plonked into the bath!

If you fancy treating yourself or a fellow bath lover to this amazing kit, check out the Bomb Cosmetics website here.

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Until next time.