How to create a gallery wall in 5 simple steps

1. Collect

Start building a collection of pictures and paintings you love, from original art to handmade illustrations, to photographs you’ve taken. When you begin collecting and gathering these items, consider the scale of your collection and the arrangement you want.

Do you want to keep it all one size? Or work with a mixture of different sizes? My biggest tip is to look for inspiration online and all around you; you might find it your favourite cafe or in your local bookshop.

2. Create a theme

Whether it’s size, colour or a particular style of art, once you have a selection you’re happy with, pick out your favourites and group them by themes e.g memorable places. For art or prints, select colours that go with your room decor or suit the tone of the room you want to display them in.

Photos by Dear Sam

3. Pick your frames

I personally like a combination of frames that follow a similar colour pallet but are made from different materials. For example black frames that are a mix of woods and metals. This adds texture whilst keeping a clean aesthetic.

I also recommend adding a pop of colour. Consider the hardware in the room and match to that. We tend to opt for gold, as this matches our door handles.

4. Make use of Gallery wall templates

Now for the fun part! Visualising how your gallery will look on the wall. For a more traditional gallery wall, try to mix up the sizes. However for a more neat aesthetic align the same sized prints alongside one another.

Printsellers, such as Dear Sam, or Desenio follow similar sizing mechanics, for example, 50×70, 30×40 and A4 are the most popular sizes for gallery walls.

Below are a few stylish, well-balanced templates for gallery walls.

Template for Medium Gallery Wall – 3 Frames

The frames are 4 cm apart and the gallery wall has a total width of 118 cm (including spaces). The total height is 70 cm.

Template for Medium Gallery Wall – 4 Frames

The frames are approx 4 cm apart and the gallery wall has a total width of 138 cm (including spaces). The total height is 84 cm.

Template for Large Gallery Wall – 8 Frames

The frames are 4 cm apart and the gallery wall has a total width of 172 cm (including spaces). The total height is 114 cm.

Top tip: Lay everything out on the floor before drilling any holes in your walls.

5. Measure up

Determine how big your gallery wall will be by adding the widths of all frames and the distances between each one. Then measure the total width of your gallery wall and mark each of the corners; This way you can make sure the entirety of the gallery is centred correctly above any surrounding furniture.

Top tip: Try to keep the space between all your pieces around 3 inches apart to avoid it feeling crowded.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful. Please check out my other interior posts here. I have an upcoming collaboration with Dear Sam in the next few weeks. To see how our gallery wall turns out, give me a follow over on my Instagram, @coffeewithmegxo

Until Next time.


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