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Bomb Cosmetics gift sets

Santa Paws gift pack*

If you need me I’ll be Dachshund through the snow straight into the bath! (I hope you got that dog pun, otherwise, I sound a bit crazy…)

If you’re after a beautiful Christmas gift for under £20, then look no further. I’ve saved you the trouble of panic buying a crummy Secret Santa gift. Plus you’ll get bonus points if the gift reciever is a Dog lover!

The Santa Paws gift pack from Bomb Cosmetics includes:

It’s Xmas Bath Blaster

It’s is the most wonderful time of the year, especially after you pop this bath blaster into your tub. With hints of glitter, pure Neroli and Orange essential oils this bath blaster is sure to fuel your festive spirit!

Merry & Bright Bath Mallow

Surround yourself in serenity with the sparkling soft glow of festive fairy lights! Pop the cork of the festive fruity fizz releasing Frankincense and Myrhh essential oils, for an enchanting experience. Plus, Bomb Cometic’s bath mallows leave your skin feeling like a baby’s bottom. So hydrating!

Fizzy Cola Lip Scrub

A cute little lip scrub made from sugar and shea butter to remove dead skin and moisturise your chapped winter lips.

Peppermint Patch Soap

Brace yourself for a minty adventure, with Bomb Cosmetic’s most energising soap. Let the peppermint and spearmint oils work their magic to leave you feeling fresh and ready for Santa’s arrival.

Candy Cane Mountain Soap

Hike up to the sweet summit of pure Spearmint and Peppermint essential oils and candy scents. Lather it up to help you unwind.

All those lovely products, plus it’s beautifully wrapped for just £14.99? I’m sold. View the whole range of gift sets here

Bomb Cosmetics Bath Blasters

Bomb Cosmetics sell lots of individual bath blasters too. The perfect stocking filler and for £2.99, how can you go wrong?

Frosty Bath Blaster

I love this one. It has energising Lemongrass and Peppermint essential oils. Ideal if you want an energising bath on Christmas morning, ready for all the festivities!

Having a meltdown Bath Blaster

Sticking with the Christmas theme, this cute little snowman bath blaster has a similar scent to Frosty, with notes of Peppermint and Spearmint.

Honey Bee Mine bath Blaster

Now for one of my personal favourites, the Honey Bee mine blaster. This was the first blaster I ever tried from Bomb Cosmetics, way before I was even a Blogger for them! with scents of Meg’s nostalgia….Wait, no sorry.

This blaster will infuse your bath water with nourishing cocoa and shea butter, to enrich your skin and calm your mind. It creates a sweet golden pool of honey for you to bathe in, and is one of BC’s most mellowing Bath Blasters yet.

View their whole range of Bath Blasters here

Bomb Cosmetics Soaps

Bomb Cosmetics have really upped their soap game recently and I’m here for it! Their slices of soap would make a sweet gift, all wrapped lovingly under the tree.

Berry Bar Soap

A small, scented work of art. With scents of Magnolia and Rosewood essentials oils, this bar of soap is sure to leave you feeling intoxicated *Hiccup* and exhilarated.

Jell Yeah Soap

Raise your hand if you remember Jelly Babies? The smell and the taste are so nostalgic! Bomb Cosmetics have released a Jelly Baby soap, which is just adorable! This particular one has notes of Lavender and Rosemary essential oils. Bliss!

Check out their range of soaps here

That’s everything for this post. I hope you found some inspiration for Christmas pressies this year! Let’s be honest, 2020 has been rough so I think everyone deserves a bit of pampering to see us into the new year.

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Any products marked with * were kindly gifted to me. I am in no obligation to post.

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