Tackling period cramps with OHNE

Raise your hand if you suffer from period cramps during that dreaded time of the month…

I’m with you. I get them, and I get them baaaaaad. I usually pop a few paracetamols and try to ignore the unruly pain, because I’ll admit, until a week ago, I wasn’t aware there are products that would actually help.

Introducing OHNE.

Ohne is a female-founded company that specialises in all things periods. They offer a subscription box that works around your cycle and busy work/life schedule. Their tampons are 100% organic cotton and biodegradable, unbleached and natural. (The packaging is also super aesthetically pleasing)

But, the tampons, as good as they are, aren’t what I’m jumping on my blog to talk about today, oh no. The purpose of this post is to (disclaimer) RAVE about OHNE’s Holy cramp CBD oil.

I was kindly sent a PR package and have been waiting for my period to arrive so that I could give this CBD oil a whirl, and wow. This stuff really works.

What OHNE say

The UK’s first pro-period CBD oil. This broad-spectrum CBD oil is infused with essential oils and hemp extract, specifically designed to give you some TLC on your period. 

Your new period bff, holy cramp is the ultimate way to fight against period pain in a natural, chemical-free way by rubbing a few drops onto your belly or lower back in your hour (or three days) of need. you can even pop a few drops in a steaming bubble bath for ultimate CBD-and-chill relaxation points.

Oh, and don’t worry babe, CBD is totally legal and won’t get you high.

I’ll be totally OHNE-est (sorry, not sorry) I wasn’t expecting to like this product as much as I do. I’m impressed with how versatile it is. I like that you can apply it directly to the pain, or add it into your bath for a bit of extra self-care.

The size of the bottle is great for travel. And even more ideal for shoving in your handbag for a cheeky top-up during the day, if your cramps are wreaking havoc whilst you’re at work.

Naturally it’s a product you would have to try out yourself, much like any beauty recommendation, they are pretty subjective. But for someone who suffers with bad period cramps, I can confirm this little oil has worked wonders for me!

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