Life in Lockdown & what I’ve been doing

I haven’t written since my Best everyday skincare products blog post at the beginning of the month. So I thought now was a good time to let you in on what I’ve been up to during the lockdown.

I am on furlough which means that I’m currently not working. With that in mind, I’ve got a fair amount of spare time which I’ve been trying to fill productively (without giving myself a hard time)

Home renovations

The first big thing that has been keeping us busy is home renovations! In the short time I’ve been off we have managed to achieve quite a lot throughout the house.

Tiling the fireplace heath

We have tiled our fireplace heath that remained as a block of concrete after knocking down the fireplace shortly after we moved in. We still need to grout it, add the surround and then finish the skirting on the wall, but the tiling was a big step with this particular little project.

Slight side note, but I have just realised that I haven’t documented our renovation journey here on my blog…Please let me know if you’d like me to do a post dedicated to our home renovations and room styling!

Kitchen makeover

We have big ambitions for the kitchen, but for now, we gave it a refresh on a budget. The cabinets were sanded down and given a lick of paint to banish the beige.

The colour we used on the kitchen cabinets is Plummet by Farrow and Ball, which works really well with the new gold handles we bought.

We chose blackened for the wall colour, as this matches the rest of the house.

Bathroom rennovation

We are completely renovating our bathroom, from all-new fixtures to flooring and tiles. I will do a separate blog post dedicated to this renno journey for those of you who are interested.

Upcycling furniture

I have been really enjoying upcycling old furniture. I found this old stool on Facebook market place for £5! After sanding it down, I gave it a new lease of life using Farrow and Ball gloss in the shade Charlotte’s locks. I love the bright pop of colour it provides and its the perfect height to house a potted plant or vase of flowers.


I have been reading A LOT (for me, anyway) since the lockdown began. I was quite behind on my Goodreads challenge until a few weeks ago when I discovered the Wayward children series by Seanan Mcguire.

After reading the first book, I devoured the next three. So much so, that I managed to read them all in a day, which is quite unheard of for me.

To see what other books and graphic novels I have read check out my Goodreads account here

Online courses

I have been making a conscious effort to keep my mind active too. Alongside reading I have been doing various online courses, such as my Google certs.

At the beginning of lockdown, I also enrolled on a Level 7 Project management course which is unsurprisingly is also taking up a lot of my spare time.

With the above now firmly online, I also want to stress how important it is to go at your own pace during this uncertain time. If that means simply getting up and showering each day, then so be it. You do you.

Stay safe


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