Winter Skincare tips & must-have products

Winter has officially arrived; so it is the season for chapped lips, tight skin and rough knuckles. To keep your skin looking and feeling alive, I have collated a few tips, along with some of my top product recommendations for you.

1: You still need SPF

This is one that I have only just got to grips with myself, but just because it’s Winter, it shouldn’t mean that you put away your sun-cream. Whilst there is a lot less UBV exposure in Winter there is still enough to cause skin damage. I wear my SPF religiously now, come rain or shine.

I use Glossier’s Invisible shield. I highly recommend this as a face sun-cream. It’s lightweight, perfect for under makeup and smells glorious!

2: Pick the right cleanser

Choosing the right cleanser for Winter is key. You don’t want a cleanser that is going to strip all the moisture out of your skin, instead you want a light formula that will help maintain the moisture, whilst washing away impurities and soothing the skin. I use Dermalogica’s Special Cleansing Gel and I cannot recommend this product enough. It’s on the pricier side of skincare however I have noticed a massive shift in my skin since incorporating more of their products into my routine.

3 : Switch up your skincare routine

In the winter I have a different moisturizer for the morning than I do for the evening. My morning moisturizer is lighter, with built in primer to create a strong base for any makeup i’m applying. My evening moisturizer is thick and creamy, and it’s Lavender scented which is perfect for helping me to doze off.

Green People have released a new Night Cream – *Fruitful Nights; which I’ve been testing out the last few evenings. It’s specifically made for tired/dry skin and is the perfect companion for the colder months.

A useful tip for moisturizer is in the application. Take a bit of extra time when applying it to the face. Fully massage it in for around 30 seconds, using the palms of your hands in upwards motions. I find this really helps my face to absorb the moisture. I also do this with my serums.

4: Lucky Lips & Cosy hands

Lips can suffer in the Winter months too. When I was younger I used to get THE worst chapped lips. I think that is why I’m always so hot on applying lip balms now. I recommend Glossier’s Balm dot com for during the day; It is £10 for a small tube, but it’s so thick and moisturizing that a little goes a long way. For the night, Dermalogica have released Nighty Lip treatment. A anti-aging lip treatment that hydrates and restores which is a game changer.

Don’t forget about your hands! Just like our face, the skin on our hands can become dry and sensitive during the Winter. Treat your hands to a nourishing hand cream or over-night moisturizing gloves. I was sent *Green People’s Cosy Hands to try and I love it. It instantly soothes your skin and smells of Marshmallow and Chamomile. Dreamy!

5: Toners & Serums

I used to shy away from Toners because I wrongly thought they stripped your skin and were too harsh for my sensitive/combination skin. Oh how I was wrong! I use (Surprise, Surprise) Glossier’s Skin perfecter toner and it does a great job of exfoliating my skin, removing any dead skin cells and revealing a smoother, more even complexion. Applying your moisturizers or serums directly after this, you can notice a difference in your skin almost immediately.

Serums are another fairly new discovery for me, but one of the skin-care products that I am so pleased to have found. Pixi Beauty is my go-to for serums. I use their Glow Tonic serum almost daily. It’s a great all round serum that softens, refines and restores radiance for smooth and balanced skin.

In the Winter months I also try to incorporate *Pixi Beauty’s Vitamin-C Serum as it reduces the effects of sun damage whilst helping to improve skin tone and general completion. Because everyone needs a helping hand to inject some glow back into their dull skin during Winter.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found some products that you want to try! All the brands I have featured I love and use daily.


*Some of the items in this post were gifted.

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