Saturday Night Fever at Milton Keynes Theatre | A review

A few weeks ago Mum and I had the pleasure of watching Saturday Night Fever at Milton Keynes Theatre.

It’s been more than 40 years since the iconic film burst onto our cinema screens. But even now the story and the soundtrack remain firmly routed in people’s minds.

The stage adaptation follows the same story-line as the film.

Tony Manero, played by Richard Winsor lives at home with his parents in Brooklyn, New York. He works as a paint store clerk but lives for the weekend when he and his friends go out to bust a move.

Tony enters a dance competition and convinces Stephanie Mangano, played by Olivia Fines, to be his dance partner. As the two rehearse for the the big night, they begin to discover their undeniable attraction towards one another.

Although I enjoyed watching their love blossom, Saturday Night Fever is not a love story. This show tackles some hard hitting issues such as suicide, gang violence, teenage pregnancy and racism.

“If you took all the musical numbers out, it would play as a kind of companion piece to Mean Streets.”

John Badham, Film Director Saturday Night Fever

We follow a working class boy who is desperate to break free from his monotonous routine but finds a form of escapism on the dance floor of his local disco.

Richard Winsor had the hard task of playing Tony Manero; arguably one of the most iconic characters in film history. That being said I thought he did a brilliant job. He managed to make every movement look effortless and his charisma and charm practically radiated off of him.

Olivia Fines as Stephanie was sublime. Her voice, dancing and acting were all spot on. I also really enjoyed Natasha Firth’s performance of doting Annette.

Saturday Night Fever’s soundtrack is a massive part of this show, featuring classic Bee Gees hits such as Night Fever, How deep is your love, Stayin’ Alive and Tragedy. I enjoyed the fact the Kenwright chose to have Bee Gee lookalikes on stage singing the songs. It brought something extra to the performance and somehow made it feel more real and nostalgic.

Overall I absolutely loved this show. The theatre is such a great way to spend an evening; With memorable performances, amazing music and a feel-good factor to boot.

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