Haypigs new products review

If you’re a Guinea Pig owner – this post is for you. 

Haypigs have released two new products and have kindly sent them to me to review.

Junior Tamer Bowl

Think of this product as the cute little brother to the original Food Craving Tamer food Bowl.

Haypigs are champions of guinea pig welfare and well-being, and have been working hard to support and educate guinea pig owners.

Did you know that Pellet food should account for 5% of a guinea pigs’ diet? Pellets should only be used to supplement a core diet of high-quality hay (80-90%), fresh water and small amounts of fresh vegetables!

The Junior Tamer bowl has made portion controlling easy; with a capacity of a ¼ cup so you can simply fill it to the top and feed between two guinea pigs.  

Its tip-proof, stackable, and not to mention absolutely adorable!

Circus Treat Ball

The Circus treat ball is a great 3 in 1 enrichment toy. 

These kind of toys are key to a happy Guinea Pig. Much like us our pets are prone to boredom, so it’s so important to have things for them to play with to keep them occupied. 

When the ball is in it’s full form you can fill it with chopped vegetables and fruit. It’s a fun way for your small furries to discover how to get the treats. They will have to roll the ball around until the treats drop out. This kind of food challenge is a great way of keeping your piggies active and stimulated.

The second way to make use of this product is to split the ball in half and use the two hemispheres to hide treats underneath. This kind of activity encourages foraging which comes naturally to Guinea Pigs.

The third feature of the Circus Treat Ball is it’s arrangement of star-shaped holes. These stars release treats when the ball is whole, and to allow you to wedge an array of vegetables and herbs into them to create an additional feeding challenge. This is another completely unique feature and is ideal for encouraging small furries to interact with one another.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Be sure to give Haypigs website a nosey – I’m sure your piggies would approve.

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