Pixi Beauty skincare: Round 2

Testing out more of Pixi Beauty’s Glow tonic collection

Not too long ago I tried my first ever Pixi Beauty product and took to my blog to write a post of first impressions and a review (Read it here)

Seemingly you guys loved reading my opinions on this very hyped brand. So today i’m back with another Pixi Beauty blog post. Featuring 5 of their newest products.

First up, the cult classic and what Pixi Beauty is most known for…

Glow Tonic

An Exfoliating, alcohol-free toner that claims to give you smoother, brighter and clearer skin. Tick, tick and TICK! the dreamy trio that everyone wishes for their skin.

I have been using this tonic for just over a week and have definitely noticed my skin to be smoother. I have yet to see any brightening effects and have to admit that my skin broke out upon the first few days of application. As I have combination acne prone skin breakouts aren’t uncommon, especially when i begin incorporating a new product into my skincare routine, so only time will tell.

Glow tonic cleansing gel

This is a hydrating cleansing gel that aims to remove impurities without stripping the skin of moisture. I typically use Dermalogica’s cleansing gel, so it seemed strange that this gel didn’t turn lather up. None the less it was refreshing rubbing the gel into my face and I loved the smell of it!


Loving this travel friendly solid moisturiser! The fact you can use it on your face, lips, body and hair makes the perfect thing to throw in your handbag. Nothing to dislike, it has a subtle scent and packs a punch when you need to revive your skin on the go.

Glow tonic serum

This is my joint favourite product (along with the glow tonic) out of this haul. It’s a lightweight serum that gently exfoliates, hydrates and nourishes your skin. It did sting slightly when I first applied it, however the next day my skin looked noticeably brighter and more plump. Big fan of this little bottle of joy.

…And that is everything! I hope you enjoyed reading my first impressions and picked out some products you’d like to try.

Until next time.


  • These products were gifted to me by Pixi Beauty UK as part of their PR activity. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own and I am under no obligation to post content.

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