Pixi Beauty skincare

A review of Pixi Beauty’s latest skintreats range.

If you haven’t heard of Pixi Beauty, where have you been?! This skincare brand has completely taken over my social media feeds with their gorgeous packaging and even more gorgeous products.

Created by Petra Strand; a makeup artist with 20+ years experience as a both a makeup artist and a product developer. Pixi Beauty is cruelty-free with a mission of ‘Flawless in a few fuss-free minutes’ that’s a lot of Fs, but i’m totally on board!

I was kindly sent their latest PR package that was full of skincare to help De-puff, Detox, Peel, polish and glow.


(Spolier alert) This product was hands down, without question my favourite product from the package. These Detoxifying or as they call them DetoxifEYE-ing under eye masks are a total dream.

You get 30 pairs in the pot, as well as a spoon type utensil that helps you to scoop the eye patches out (trust me you need it, they’re slippery little buggers!) You leave them for 10 minutes and then simply massage the excess serum into your skin. They are super hydrating and soothing! My under eyes looked 10% brighter than before application. Little tip, put the pot in the fridge for an extra cool, de-puffing experience.


This product didn’t wow me as much as the eye patches did; but it’s a nice face mask all the same. It is thin in texture and should be applied in a thin layer onto the skin. I’m not a big fan of the smell of mud based masks but the results make up for it. My skin felt significantly smoother after I rinsed it off, but i’ll unfortunately I didn’t notice much glow.

Peel & Polish

I haven’t got around to trying this one yet, but if you follow me on Instagram @coffeewithmegxo I will be posting my first impressions over on my stories, so keep tuned for that.


BIG fan of these Glycolic boost glow masks. These are a pack of 3 sheet masks that you simply un-peel and apply to your face. One of the biggest tests for me when i’m trying out new skincare is how my makeup applies after using it. I can confirm that this mask gives your skin that ‘glow from within’ radiance. It plumps and hydrates and leaves your skin feeling smooth and regenerated, which makes a great base for makeup.

That’s everything! I hope you enjoyed this post.


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  • I’ve been following you on Instagram for ages but never actually visited your blog before, I’m glad I did, it’s gorgeous! I definitely need to try those eye patches they sound amazing! And I already love the Glow Mud Mask, I really feel like it actually does somehting for my skin. Looking forward to reading more 🙂 Sophie x