A new musical by Tim Firth and the music of Take That. 

Prior to attending the show, I knew little about the Band, so I came to the theatre with a completely open mind, not quite knowing what to expect. 

The story follows a friendship group of 5, 16 year old girls who bonded over their love for ‘the band’. The girls talk about their dreams and aspirations and later make a pact to remain friends forever. But, as we can relate to, life gets in the way and the once best friends, fall out of touch. 

Fast forward 25 years to a group of 40-something women who reunite and try once more to fulfil their dream of meeting ‘the band’. We are taken along on the adventure, which is an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish. 

The musical isn’t based on take that; instead it explores how influential artists and music in general can be to a person’s life; An angle that I really enjoyed. It also demonstrates the power of a certain song and how it can transport you back in time to a specific moment. 

“Perhaps this is why people say music is magical. It makes time travellers of all of us” 

Tim Firth

The storyline portrays a real representation of life and relationships, and how people don’t always get things right. I found myself tearing up on a few occasions. The 5 young girls resembled my friendship group at that age; And like them, we would never imagined that we would not be friends in the years to come. 

The set design by Jon Bausor and costumes by Kirsty Blades whizz you straight back into the early 90s and give you a sense of nostalgia. 

Though The band doesn’t focus on Take That’s life, rest assured Take that fans, the musical features their biggest hits including: Never Forget, Back For Good, A Million Love Songs, Greatest Day, The Flood, Relight My Fire, Shine and Rule the World. 

As you would expect from any musical, The Band isn’t without it’s cheesy moments, however that being said, the director gave a good balance between those moments and the excellent representation of a reality. 

The Band has it all; Humour, emotion, laughter, loss and everything in between.

Lastly, I just want to applaud Milton Keynes theatre for their level of professionalism that evening. There was an incident in the audience during the performance which they dealt with promptly. Their level of vigilance and organisation was impressive and therefore worth mentioning. 

The show is now touring around the UK, but you can grab tickets via the ATG website HERE  

Also be sure to check out what’s on at the Milton Keynes Theatre HERE 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Until next time.


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