Bomb Cosmetics new 2019 launch

A guide to the best bath bombs & pamper essentials.

Bomb Cosmetics have just launched their new 2019 range and honestly, i’m like a kid in a sweet store.

As you guys know, I’m part Bomb Cosmetics #Bombbabesquad, which means that I get sent their new products to try and blog about. I’ve been eagerly awaiting my pink parcel; so you best believe that when the postman knocked, I let out a little ‘eeek‘.

As part of the new launch, Bomb Cosmetic’s have released a water colour range that has lots of super cute bath blasters that transform your bath water into kaleidoscopic creations!

Tropic of conversation watercolours

This is one big ball of goodness! you can easily cut it up and get multiple amazing baths out of the one product. Not only is it great value for the amount of product you’re getting, it smells AMAZING! With scents of grapefruit and sweet orange.

Five colours in her hair bath blaster

I love the smell of this one too. It’s beautifully subtle yet fresh, full of Mandarin and Jasmine to help you unwind. And, like all of the new bath blasters, they create a mass of soft bubbles to soak in.

Purrfect soap

How adorable is this soap?! the smell reminds me of summer, which I am massively craving right now. I love giving these to my niece as she has started to collect all the cute characters.

Mini melts

I have saved the best till last with this one!

After discovering these, I only have one regret and that’s not trying them sooner! Each pod has a burning time of 15-20 hours! I cut mine into small segments, place them on top of the wax burner and then light a tea light underneath. The wax melt will then, well…melt and it then turns into an oil that fills your entire home with whichever scent you’ve chosen!

I am still burning the Sunshine in my soul pod, which is a lovely floral scent. But I also picked up, warm espresso (very on brand) chocolate orange, which smells good enough to eat! and Fresh linen, which is a classic go-to scent if you want to make your home smell clean and fresh.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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  • Personally speaking I think there is almost nothing more pleasurable than a hot bath filled with gorgeous smelling & beautiful looking bath bombs & products,definitely a treat to yourself 🙂
    Fabulous blog.