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Last year my skincare routine consisted of using a multi purpose face wash, with the occasional face wipe thrown into the mix, if I was feeling particularly lazy.

In 2018 I decided that I needed to up my game; so I made a Glossier order. I now use their Milk Jelly cleanser and the invisible shield SPF religiously.

I have combination skin which means I suffer with both oily and dry skin simultaneously, like most, I get the occasional breakout and my skin can also be quite sensitive. Admittedly it makes me dubious when it comes to incorporating new products into, and switching up my skincare routine.

However, when the team at Dermalogica got in touch to ask if i’d like to become part of their #Skininfluencer program, I was over the moon!

I’ve heard such good things about the brand and after doing some research of own, I was impressed to find that Dermalogica is the number one chosen skincare brand for professionals (if its good enough for them…) Plus their products are completely Vegan and Cruelty free. Big love guys!

I spoke with the lovely Lizzy, who sent me a questionnaire type form that assessed my skin type and later assigned me the best products to suit my needs. I’m happy to report that I have found some new products that I will definitely be purchasing as soon as I run out of these current ones.


Dermalogica’s pre-cleanse is BEAUTIFUL! It’s an oil that melts away your makeup and any excess oil, suncream etc that the day has left on your face. It is a pleasant scent and it makes taking off your makeup an absolute breeze. I cannot recommend this enough!

Special Cleansing gel This is the second product in the lineup that I have fallen head over heels for. It is so soft on the skin and leaves your face feeling squeaky clean and smooth, without that horrible tight feeling. I actually look forward to using this cleanser at the end of the each day.


Daily Microfoliant Is an interesting product and something i’ve never experienced before. I must admit, I was a bit reluctant to try this one as I thought it would irritate my skin, but it is surprisingly gentle! It activates upon contact with water and creates a paste like formula that you rub onto your face. I enjoyed the feeling of applying this as I could feel the benefits of it straight away. It removes any debris on your skin and evens your skin tone. I will most likely repurchase this product too (Pray for my bank balance)


Skin smoothing cream This is a very rich, creamy moisturiser. It certainly does what it says on the tin; infusing the skin with 48 hours of hydration. I wasn’t a massive fan of this product when I used it within my morning routine, as I found that my makeup didn’t apply well over it, however this is a super dreamy moisturiser to use before bed. I even woke with the next morning with a glowing complexion.


SkinPerfect primer SPF 30 I love that this primer has SPF built in, saves me doing another step in my skincare routine. This primer creates a great base for makeup application as it leaves your skin feeling velvety smooth.

If skincare is your thing or you want to up your skincare game in 2019, I highly recommend going and having a mooch on the Dermalogica website. I get sent a fair amount of products to review and let me tell you it is rare that I like every single product from a range; That definitely speaks volumes.

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