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A quick disclaimer before we dive in; if you have been reading my blog for a while now you’ll know that I’m a blogger for Bomb Cosmetics, which means that from time to time I will receive PR packages from them in return for writing reviews, testing out new products and giving them my feedback, amongst other things.

This lovely Christmas parcel was kindly gifted to me, but as always all opinions are my own (I absolutely adore the brand and their products)

Ooo! and one last thing, be sure to check out the other Bomb Babe’s blogs. You can find out more about them over on the Bomb Cosmetics blog here

Right, let’s get started, because I am so excited to share a selection of the new Christmas products that Bomb Cosmetics have launched this year.

Flamingo Ho Ho blaster

I had to start with this blaster because it’s so damn adorable. It is one of the more simple in terms of scent and ingredients; it’s laced with nourishing cocoa and shea butter to condition tired and dry skin. This would be a perfect entry level bath blaster for someone a bit younger who is keen to try them! I had this sat on my bathroom shelf when my niece last came over and she was obsessed with it! So I might have to slip one of these into her stocking this year.

Joy to the world blaster

I really loved this one! The concept and design of it is great. The bath blaster itself is a little world/globe, so as you can imagine it makes the water a beautiful turquoise colour. Not only is it fun to pop in the water, it’s ingredients of Amyris and Sandalwood will relieve tension and help you to kick back and relax; It’s the perfect bath blaster to use before bed.

Peace cracker gift pack

These cracker gift sets are a fairly new invention from Bomb Cosmetics and I LOVE them. They come with 3 Christmas related bath blasters and are only £7.99! 

I am forever impressed with Bomb Cosmetics competitive pricing, especially in comparison to some of their competitors who are charging more than double for sets with way less product in! These cracker sets are the perfect gift for a bath lover, plus as it’s under £10, it’s the ideal present for secret Santa!

Snowglobe soap 

Another one of my favourite products from Bomb Cosmetics are the soap slices. They are a really decent size; one slice can easily last for a couple of months. The Snowglobe one smells as magical as it looks. It’s got a fresh minty smell which is ideal for the winter months.

Snowglobe candle

Last, but by no means least is the Snow-globe candle. You guys know I’m a bit obsessed with candles, so my standards can be quite high as i’ve tried so many!

Bomb Cosmetics candles not only look aesthetically pleasing, but they also pack a big punch in the fragrance department. Although it has the same name as the soap, the scent is quite different. This candle has more of a warm, cosy scent. Think Cinnamon and Sandalwood.

Unfortunately I can’t find it anywhere on the Bomb Cosmetic’s website, so I think it might be sold out, but keep checking as it is definitely one to pick up for the Christmas season.

That’s it guys! I hope you enjoyed this post. Be sure to check out last year’s gift guide for more gifting inspiration; Bomb Cosmetics have brought back some well-loved products from last year’s collection too! Read it here.




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