Makeup staples for Autumn | Warm tones galore.

When I first got into makeup I remember buying an issue of Vogue and spending hours lusting over the models rocking a seriously bold eye.

Eyeshadow was something I could never get my head around. Powder, lipstick, mascara, no problem; but there was something more daunting about eyeshadow.

Fast forward 7ish years and my eyeshadow palettes are without a doubt my number one makeup bag staple. (Maybe its an appreciation that comes with age?)

This post is combining two of my favourite things; warm toned makeup and Autumn. Anyway, I thought i’d share my top nude/warm toned makeup picks that are simply perfect for this season.

Okay, let’s talk entry level, basics. When I first began experimenting with eyeshadows I only ever used neutral colours. I’m talking beiges and browns. Very unadventurous stuff. But, to this day I still absolutely bloody love my original naked eyeshadow palette.

It has every colour you need to create a warm, chocolatey look. Perfect if you’re in a rush and don’t have time to blend a load of colours together.

Since we’re talking Naked palettes, it’s time to step up the heat a notch and introduce the Naked heat palette. (aka my all-time favourite) When I first got it, I’ll confess I may have immediately reverted back to younger Meg, not knowing where the hell to start, but the moment I smothered chaser on my lids and blended a bit of lowblow into the mix, I was hooked.

This palette was made for Autumn. You can go from a soft everyday look with the amber-hued neutrals to full on fire with the rich siennas and burnt oranges.

Now onto lipsticks. Starting with Tanya Burr’s collection. I have mentioned her lipsticks in a few monthly favourite posts, but it would be wrong not to give an honourable mention within this post too. Not only are her lipsticks ridiculously creamy, they are super long wearing and pack a punch in the pigment department. The dream lipstick? I think so. Bear Hug is THE perfect shade for autumn. it’s a warm peachy taupe colour which looks good on any complexion.

The other lipstick pick is from Bourjois’s new Rouge Fabuleux range and it’s in the shade Abracadabeige. It’s a satin finish, which is quite strange one, as it’s neither glossy nor matte on the lips, but the colour is perfection. The ideal everyday lippy; popping to the shops/grabbing a coffee/getting shit done in the most stylish way, type vibe.

Last, but by no means least is the Glossier cloud paint in the shade, Dusk.

I don’t mean to sound dramatic but this makeup product changed my life. (Okay, that is totally dramatic) but hell, it’s totally true. This little cream blush is the literal definition of a makeup staple. Apply a few small pats of this on the apples of your cheeks and you’ll look like you’ve just stepped inside from a cold, brisk autumnal walk.

It gives a natural glow from within blush, which in my opinion, is incomparable to anything else on the beauty market.

So there you have it, my 5 top Autumn makeup staples, and don’t forget you can use my Glossier code for 10% off your first order! HERE



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  • This is a super cute little post! I’ve got to admit, my Naked palettes are my least loved ones now and despite the colours in the Naked heat (and the new cherry one) being absolutely gorgeous, I just can’t justify spending so much money on them when I could get a Morphe palette with double the shades and for half the price! But I wouldn’t mind them as a gift… hehe! I have heard amazing things about Tanya Burrs lipsticks but still haven’t gotten around to getting myself one, I might put one or two on my Christmas list! Fab post Meg and I’m loving the sound of the cloud paint, too!
    Alice Xx

    • Thanks Alice! Would highly recommend cloud paint it’s such a lovely, easy to use product!
      Hope you’re doing well xxx

  • This time of year is my favourite when it comes to makeup looks. I’m a warm tones kinda girl and I love that I can create a look that compliments the natural surroundings of autumn!