What you ought to know about blogging: Spilling the tea.

This Sunday i’m back with a slightly different blog post, but one I’ve wanted to write for the longest time. What you ought to know about blogging and the blogosphere.

Blogging is not free

A pretty important one to start with. Blogging for the most part is definitely not free. More often than not bloggers will be paying for their domain names, their website designs, their servers and even products to review (when you start out) so don’t be fooled into thinking that blogging is a completely free hobby because that is most definitely a common misconception (particularly with non-bloggers)

Identity is your niche

Identity is something that I personally struggle with on the reg in the blogosphere. There are so many amazing content creators nowadays so it can be difficult to find your niche.

However more recently I have found that the less I worry about this, the more fun I have creating content and the better my readers/followers engage with it. Yes, blogging can be made into a career and yes, it can also be just a hobby, but either way you should still be enjoying what you do.

The more you enjoy it, the more your own niche and personality to shine through.

Learn basic SEO & HTML

A slightly more technical one now, but if you want to be taken seriously in the forever growing, competitive blogosphere you need to be able to hold your own when it comes to this kind of malarkey. SEO essentially allows people to find your content and HTML coding will be a lifesaver when adding plug-ins and designing your online space.

Content is king (Queen)

There is a lot of debate online about quantity vs quality when it comes to content. Whilst the more content you create, the more coverage you will gain (dependent on how you promote it) I have always tried to choose quality over quantity just because I wouldn’t be able to post content that isn’t the best it could be. To be honest, this point is pretty subjective, it’s all down to what you are able to create and how you feel about it sharing it with the online world.

Get social

Engage with other bloggers content whenever you can. Support one another and share, share, share!

Now for the tea…

I hate to say this, but I have found blogging to sometimes be a ‘not what you know, who you know’ type industry. I have seen a few bloggers get opportunities that didn’t necessary suit their brand/content because they’re pals with the PR team.

Likewise it seems that the bigger your following, the quicker you will grow. This happens because bloggers promote one another in things like follow Fridays or recommendations on Insta stories and the bigger bloggers/Youtubers always seem to get a mention. Now, don’t get me wrong they 100% deserve shout outs, as majority of them have incredible content, however I am also a strong believer that the smaller bloggers who also work their ass off to create and deliver content would benefit from that shout out a great deal more than Jane who’s got 155k followers.

Thats just some of the things i’ve learnt about blogging over the last two years…

I hope you enjoyed this post. I really enjoyed writing this one. Let me know in the comments if you agree with any of the above. Have you encountered something similar?



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  • I really wish more people would realise that blogging is far from free! I mean it can be 100% free but if you really want to invest and make it the best you feel it can be, it definitely costs a lot. I’m so glad you’ve pointed out quality over quantity, I see so many people hurrying to get tons of posts out and I honestly couldn’t do it. Besides the fact my life is way too busy to get consistent posts out, I just feel like the quality would suffer which is way worse I feel! x

    Alice {www.accordingtoalicex.com}

  • I totally agree with the SEO point and it’s still something I’m not 100% down with, although I’m slowly getting my DA ranking up (which I also had no idea about when I started lol). Also, yes to the who you know part – there’s so many of us out here it’s hard to shout out! Great post lovely! ❤️

  • Oh man I REALLY need to get a bit more in the know about coding and whatnot, I really do not have a clue about any of it and there are always bits of my blog that I’m looking to tweak! The Yoast plugin is a lifesaver for SEO and luckily my biggest referrer is now search engines and has been for a very long time now! I definitely agree that there are some incredible small content creators that really need that shout out rather than the huge ones but unfortunately people don’t tend to do nice gestures anymore unless they get something out of it 🙁 and it certainly is not free. Almost all of my spare money goes on bits that will improve my content or get me exposure!
    Alice Xx

  • 100% agree with quality over quantity when it comes to content. Something I’ve actually only realised. Also love the mention that blogging isn’t free, it can be quite pricey to get going!