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Hi guys, I’m back again with my favourite kind of post, bath time products!

Bomb Cosmetics have released a whole range of newbies and they are as dreamy as always.

Bubblegum candle

I’ll confess I’m not normally a massive fan of the scent bubblegum, especially in candle form but this one is lovely. It’s sweet and subtle, not at all overpowering like I imagined it would be.

I was sent the Mallow out gift pack which has THE cutest marshmallow packaging! Iv’e said it before and i’ll say it again, these gift packs are such a perfect present. Bomb Cosmetics have a gift pack to suit every occasion and every bath lover’s needs. Wither they’re into their soaps, bath blasters or something they can use multiple times like the bath mallows.

The Mallow out gift pack has the following products inside:

Cotton Candy bath blaster

If you like sweet smells and candy floss, this one is for you! This blaster transformed my bath water into a beautiful pastel pink colour which was creamy and smoothing for my skin. It was really moisturising and left my skin feeling baby smooth. The smell also gave me such an nostalgic fun-fair vibe!

Ring of Roses soap

This soap is definitely more my kind of scent. It’s got a slightly more masculine smell due to the black pepper but is balanced nicely by the added rose oils. I will definitely be re-purchasing this one and at £2.99 BC soap blocks are such steals! (even if you just wanted to display them, because let’s be honest some of them are just too pretty to use!)

Pink Pamper soap

This soap has a sophisticated floral fragrance. It’s full of Ylang Yland and calming chamomile which is great for an evening soak in the tub.

Bear Necessities bath blaster

It took me a while to bring myself to actually use this bath blaster because it is just so damn cute! Like the Cotton Candy bath blaster this also made my water a pretty light pink colour. Plus it has lots of biodegradable glitter so you can cover yourself in glitter and feel fabulous, without having to worry about the environment – good job Bomb Cosmetics!

Teddy bears picnic mallow

If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise! For the buttery bears have gathered the pure mandarin and sandalwood essential oils into a picnic inspired creamy bath melt. I’m a big fan of the mallows as they can be used on more than one occasion, which is great if you’re money savvy. If you’re feeling extra lavish you can plonk the entire mallow in your bath and it’ll will leave your skin feeling extra moisturised and soft.

B mine bath blaster

This is one for the lovers who want a romantic bath together or for the best friends who jump in the tub together, like me and my nutty pals. It’s rhubarb and rose scented which is a great fragrance combination!

I hope you enjoyed this post and reading about some of the new products Bomb Cosmetics have launched. To shop all their newbies click here


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  • I can’t believe you don’t usually like the scent of bubblegum!! It’s my absolute FAVOURITE. I’m such a huge sucker for sweet smells so this is such a perfect post for me! Rhubard and rose together sounds like the perfect combo and those bear products are the cutest! Love all the bomb newbies they’re bloody adorable!
    Alice Xx

  • I love the sound of all of these and LOVE the bath shot of you and your friends – definitely something loads of us girls do ?? also loving the imagery – photos are beautiful!! ❤️❤️

  • All of these bath products sound amazing! They’re so cute as well – I adore the designs. I need to purchase from Bomb Cosmetics ASAP! The Bubblegum Candle and the Cotton Candy Bath Blaster sound lush! Also, what’s better than biodegradable glitter?!xo

    Char | http://www.charslittleblog.co.uk

  • I absolutely love Bomb Cosmetics, they’re so much more affordable than some of their big competitors. Plus, I actually prefer their formulas, they’re super kind on my skin. I desperately want the bubblegum candle and cotton candy blaster, sweet smells are my absolute favourite. It’s so good that they use biodegradable glitter as well and everything is cruelty free, I think all brands should follow suit! x

    Alice {www.accordingtoalicex.com}