Hi guys! I’m back with the second post from the Art with Meg series and today I’m talking all things Peter Smith.

Peter Smith is an award winning international Lincolnshire based artist, most famous for his Impossimals®, Lost Impossimals, Lost Alice and his upcoming animation series.

Peter has had such an interesting career! He has worked as an Architect, Surveyor and then a computer programmer all before deciding to join the creative industry, where he later worked for companies such as Disney, Warner Bros and Lucasfilm.

It was in 2000 that his wife encouraged him to pick up his paint brushes once more after giving up the hobby when he was just a child. It was shortly after his well known and loved Impossimals was born.

His earlier Impossimals paintings were based heavily on love, whereas more recently they have explored a variety of themes and incorporated more humour into each piece.

Each painting has its own story, sometimes they are based on real people and at other times based on fiction twisted with history.

Every piece of Impossimal artwork contains some kind of hidden item, be it a puzzle or a dot-2-dot. They all have numerous little hidden tricks to beguile and entertain. I think this is what makes me appreciate his work all the more, it encourages you look at the painting in another way because you are always searching for more.

Impossimals are what Peter and Jayne Smith are most known for, however it was the Lost Alice’s Wonderland collection that secured him a place in my top 5 artists. The collection was released in 2015 and consisted of six paintings and four sculptures.


Call me biased (I am a happy owner of this particular piece) but my favourite painting from this collection has to be Tea for two and two for tea.

The only way to describe it is a playground for your eyes. There is just so much going on, from expressive facial expressions, movement and of course, the hidden objects throughout. We have had the painting on the wall for around 9 months now and I’m still discovering things that I hadn’t noticed before when I gaze over at it.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I could honestly write about art for days, however I’m aiming to keep the posts within this Art with Meg series fairly light for now as I’m still testing the waters.

Until next time!




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  • Ahh I love these arty posts Meg – takes me back to my college days when I used to spend a lot more time researching new artists for some inspiration! Also loving the Alice in Wonderland feel to his work, a dreamland that unveils more each time you look at it! ❤️

  • Oh wow, I think we might just share the same favourite, I can’t stop looking at it! It’s so interesting and there’s so much going on, you’re right that your eyes divert to so many different things and keep finding more. I love anything Alice in Wonderland themed, my parents named me after her so I’ve always loved anything to do with it x

    Alice //

  • These are such adorable pieces of art and so interesting, too! I love how with pieces like this it’s so easy for people to have different verdicts as to what it means or what’s happening in the picture. Nothing I love more than having proper discussions about semi-abstract and interesting things like this! Loving this series!
    Alice Xx