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Welcome! So, this is the first post within a new art series that I am trying out on my blog.

It seems like a fairly natural subject for me to delve into. I studied art when I was at school, I attended Cambridge school of Art to study my degree, and I also grew up surrounded by art as my Dad is a fine art collector.

My Dad started his art collection with a painting by David Shepard, I believe it was titled Baby Gorilla. Since then his love for art and his collection has grown and grown.

When I moved out, my parents bought me and my partner our first piece of art by Peter Smith and though we don’t currently have room to house anymore paintings, I fully intend to fill our house when we eventually move out.

I recently discovered Xue Wang’s work in Castle Galleries in Milton Keynes and have been dreaming of it since.

Surrealism is without a doubt my favourite art style. When I was in school studying I was always most fascinated by the likes of Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Marcel Duchamp and Andre Breton. I guess it was because they offered something different, something that made you think and allowed you to interpret their art in your own way.

I think thats why I like Wang’s work so much. It may be marmite, but it sparks a reaction none the less. Wang takes her inspiration from artists such as o Henry Darger, Frida Kahlo and unsurprisingly American pop surrealist Mark Ryden. (Another one of my all-time favourite artists)

It takes Xue Wang anywhere from eighteen to twenty hours to complete a piece which she claims are  a “reflection” of her personality. The artist collects various animal specimens, including a box of deceased bumblebees in her studio. As weird as that sounds, it not uncommon in the world of artists.

Although a lot of her work is rather unsettling Xue Wang hopes that people can see the whimsical side of her work which is a playful and new take on classic fairy tales and Hollywood nostalgia.

“My take on ghosts is perhaps a little tinged with lightheartedness. These are not demons who threaten us mortals. But their merry mischief undoes our sense of everyday security. They rummage in our larders, shin their way up our drainpipes and play havoc with domestic bliss. As these spooks creep among us, we needn’t shrink from them but welcome their witty messages from the other side!”

—Artist Xue Wang, September 2013

You can check out more of her work on the Castle Galleries website here

I hope you enjoyed this post!


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