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Let’s go back to basics, but before I begin to sound like a massive hypocrite, I just want to say that I wouldn’t be a beauty blogger if i didn’t love all things beauty (here comes the) but sometimes the beauty world can feel a bit OTT…

This year alone, we’ve seen corkscrew nails, nose hair extensions, ridiculous (and slightly terrifying) sheet masks, brow-crowns and everything in between.

With this in mind I wanted to write a post that takes a step back from the latest crazy trends in the beauty industry and celebrate great, simple products, that are not only smell delicious and look adorable they are also Vegan and cruelty-free.

Bomb Cosmetics Bath Blasters & Melts

Dive into a hot bath free from harsh chemicals and ingredients that shed your skin’s natural goodness. Instead pour in a little bubble bath and watch your bath fill with soft honey scented bubbles, then (if you’re feeling extra lavish) pop in a bath blaster to add a little extra something to your pamper session.

Honey Glow bubble bath

I was so super excited to try this one out, because it has been on my wishlist for a while.

If I’m going to run myself a bath I will 99.9% always add some bubbles and this is a new bathroom staple for me. The scent is lovely, it’s a really subtle, gentle smell of Honey, sweet Orange and Nutmeg, but i’ll be honest I can mainly just smell the honey. A little goes a long way and it creates masses of soft, fluffy white bubbles.

Darling Buds bath blaster

Do you remember when you were a kid and those plastic bubble gum machines were all the rage? You’d twist the knob and a small round, hard shelled bubble gum would drop out the bottom, well, this bath blaster has the same scent as that bubble gum! and I am living for it. It’s so nostalgic!

Pink rose bud blaster

Is this not the cutest bath blaster you’ve seen? I love it’s simplistic design and the pastel pink tone. It’s cute and feminine and the perfect little ‘just because’ gift.

It has vetiver and ylang ylang essential oils for that post- bath soft and smooth skin feel.

Goodnight honey blaster

I’ve actually reviewed this bath blaster before, so if you fancy reading my initial thoughts you can click > here< Because i’ll be honest, my initial thoughts are still relevant now, even after i’ve used this product a few times now.

Milk and Honey Brûlée melt

This not only looks good enough to eat but the name makes me drool a little bit too…

The milk and honey brûlée melt is blended with soothing Chamomile, Ylang Ylang Flower and Lavender flower essential oils. It’s warming blend of creamy, caramelised honey scents, and sweet, aldehydic floral notes make it the perfect product to reach for when you want to kick back and relax.

As this is a melt and not a bath blaster, you can even use it for up to 6 baths!


Treat your skin to a proper pamper session. Whilst your in the bath apply your mud mask, sit back and relax, then treat your skin to a post-bath moisturise with the Angel’s delight body butter.

Rhassoul Mud mask

When it comes to trying face masks I’m always a bit dubious, as I unfortunately have combination, spot prone skin. This makes it tricky to find the right products to combat all those things, but (without jinxing it) I’m liking this face mask so far.

When I first applied it, I was taken back by its consistency as when you think of mud masks you typically expect to see a really thick, paste-like texture. This mask isn’t like that at all.

It’s a thin light brown/green liquid, which is a refreshing change from your standard thick brown mud mask. I like that it gives you more freedom to use a thin layer or build up the coverage.

I am loving the scent too. There is really no other way to describe the scent other than it’s refreshing and clean. This is the perfect Spring/Summer skincare product.

But, like with all skincare products only time will tell, so I will keep you updated on this one over on my instagram stories!

Angels delight body butter

I have saved the best till last, and boy have I have been blown away by this product!

Since trying the Bluebell wood body butter I was totally converted by Bomb Cosmetics’s body moisturisers. In my humble opinion, nothing else comes remotely close. They are such an underrated product that deserve way more hype.

It has fresh scents of cooling watermelon, cucumber, crisp green apples and ripe avocados. With freesia, rose & lily.  To summarise, it smells heavenly!

If you fancy treating yourself to anything from this post, I can’t recommend this enough.

Happy Earth day! I hope you enjoyed this post.



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