FILM EVENT | Explore the sets of Isle of dogs.

With the recent release of Wes Anderson’s second stop-motion film, Isle of Dogs, Fox Searchlight and Store X created an exciting installation to showcase the sets and puppets from the film.

If you didn’t get the chance to get yourself down to the exhibition, i’ve got you covered!

Feg and I queued for two hours in the rain to see the exhibition, but it was so worth it.

For anyone who knows me personally, you’ll know that I am a big stop motion animation fan. It is without a doubt my favourite and most watched film genre, so to go and see official sets and puppets was such a treat.

The film is set in a futuristic Japan, following the story of a young boy who goes in search of his pet dog after the whole species is banished to Trash Island by the new mayor of Megasaki due to an illness outbreak. Isle of Dogs boasts an incredible cast, with voices from Bryan Cranston, Edward Norton, Bill Murray and Scarlett johnansson, just to name a few.

The exhibition

The following sets were displayed in the exhibition:

  1. Spot’s landing
  2. Noodle bar, Megasaki
  3. Cause-way to the far-away cuticles
  4. Mayor Kobayashi’s bath house
  5. The City of Megasaki
  6. Temple, Megasaki
  7. Kobayashi park, Trash island
  8. Kobayashi animal-tesing plant
  9. Megasaki sumo arena
  10. Taiko drummers
  11. Tv talk show
  12. Professor Watanabe’s laboratory
  13. Trash Island
  14. The Megasaki Municipal dome
  15. Trash Island (Laundry)
  16. Sit of Atari’s plane crash
  17. Sake bar, Megasaki

As you entered, you found yourself in a breathtaking recreation of a Megasaki City restaurant. A life-sized version of the film’s noodle bar, where chef Akira Shimizu was serving up authentic Japanese Ramen.

As you walked through the ramen bar area it brought you to the large exhibition room filled with the all the incredible sets and puppets.

Even though I visited the exhibition before I saw the film, I was still in absolute ore everything.

‘Everything you see has been made – there was no option to pop to a prop store,’ says cinematographer Tristan Oliver. ‘Even the lanterns have been hand-carved and painted in resin.’

My favourite Isle of dogs set

One of my favourite sets was the Megasaki city scape. It completely stole the show the moment you walked into the exhibition space.

For this particular set the production designer turned to the architecture of Pritzker Prize winner, Tange for his inspiration. The architect is the most recognised figure in the Japanese metabolism movement, which came to live in the 1960s following a period of economic recovery.

“The depiction of Megasaki City is a combination of metabolist and more run-of-the-mill kinds of skyscrapers and buildings,” – Harrod – Production designer.

The designers created 240 different sets and over 44 stages for the film! That is a crazy amount of man hours considering some of the sets are only on screen for a couple of seconds at a time!

The whole exhibition had a great atmosphere, I enjoyed how the film’s score was played throughout the exhibition space as It made me feel completely immersed into the world of Isle of dogs.

I was gutted to find that all the official merchandise had sold out by the time we got to the exhibition. Later that day (after scrolling relentlessly on Etsy) I discovered Pin Head UK an artist and Illustrator who creates gorgeous label pins.

The Isle of dogs pin set is just perfection! The attention to detail and quality really is second to none. If you love film and book related merchandise be sure to check out her Etsy store here

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As always, thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed this post.


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  • Ahh I loved this post – the only studio I’ve been out to visit was the Harry Potter one in Watford and I LOVED seeing everything, so it’s exciting to hear of other films doing the same – I didn’t know it was a “thing” haha! Glad you had a good time lovely!❤️

  • Oh wow this is pretty cool. Looks like you’ve had a jam packed fun day. So interesting seeing how everything is filmed and bought to life <3

  • I’ve got to say, when seeing the trailer this film didn’t look at all like my thing despite my boyfriends excitement to see it. This exhibition looks incredible though and I can definitely appreciate how much intricate work must’ve gone into making and designing all the sets! Those pins are bloody adorable too!
    Alice Xx

  • I absolutely loved this film! I was a bit sceptical at first but I was so glad I went to see it, it tugged on my heart strings which I was not expecting. I’m so jealous you got to go here! It looks amazing from the pictures. I definitely would have loved the authentic ramen as that’s one of my favourite foods, yum! Those pins are super cute as well x

    Alice |