January 2018 favourites!

It’s the end of January (Thank God!) and though I don’t religiously schedule favourites posts every month, I have a few products across both beauty and lifestyle that I wanted to have a little rave about and share with you guys.

I’ll start with beauty as at the start of this month I threw two entirely new products into my daily skin care routine and I am super happy with the results.


I used to take off my makeup/wash my face using the Clean and Clear exfoliating daily wash which overall I liked for my skin. It helped to control breakouts and overall was a solid product HOWEVER and here is where the but comes in; It dawned on me that this wash had micro-beads in it which 1, put me off due to ethical reasons. Wherever possible I wont use products that test on animals or that include micro beads and 2, I suddenly found the product a lot harder to get hold of.

So, I decided I needed to hunt down a new cleansing wash to replace it. I stayed loyal to Clean and Clear as a brand as I do really like their products and find that (touch wood) they keep my problem-prone skin at bay. So, I picked up the Clean and Clear deep action cleansing wash and I was not disappointed!

This product is an absolute gem! It’s overall a super refreshing wash that leaves my skin feeling revitalised and cleansed. It has a tingling sensation as you massage it onto your face which is what leaves your skin feeling so cool and energised after washing it off.

Next up is the Simple cleansing oil. I had seen Amelia Liana recommend this product endless times so I figured i’d give it a go. This oil has fast become a huge game changer for me. I use it to remove my makeup before going in with my cleansing wash and it just works wonders. Granted its not got the best scent (It literally smells of vegetable oil) however it removes makeup so quickly and effortlessly and leaves my skin feeling soft and fresh. (Also I am convinced its helping my crappy short lashes to grow back!)


The White Company Cassis candle had to be included in this month’s favourites. This was a splurge purchase whilst I was shopping with my parents at Bicester Village the other weekend and I am totally smitten by the scent.

Cassis is a deep, dark scent that oozes with the rich juices of wild blackberries and blackcurrants. Spiked with hints of bitter-sweet notes and earthy undertones, our sophisticated blend sharpens and invigorates the mood.

Now a mention to Sarah Knight’s books. I’m currently reading ‘The Life-changing magic of not giving a fuck’ and it’s low-key a pretty inspiring read. These kind of books make great coffee table companions as you can pick them up and have a leisurely read without having to dedicate a lot of time to it.

My only jewellery favourite this month is my Missoma tiny horn necklace, which if i’m being honest with myself is likely to be in every single favourites post going forward. I’m totally in love with it and Missoma in general. Their jewellery is so dainty and delicate. #Dreamy.

Last but in no means least in the Lifestyle section is We are Tea. A brand that (yep, you guessed it) specialise in all things tea! As I’m a big fan of flavoured tea (and not just a Coffee drinker, despite my blog name) this was a very exciting PR package to receive!

Not only are all the flavours bloody delicious, their tea is ethically sourced and all the tea bags are 100% biodegradable.

I was sent a variety of flavours to try however the three that really stood out for me was the Peppermint tea, the Ceylon with Vanilla black tea and the Sleep good night, Lavender and Chamomile tea.

I usually tend to stick to a simple peppermint tea or a fruit based tea, so it was nice to get a bit more adventurous and try out new flavours! But if like me you’re a bit stuck on what to try head over to their website and take their Tea consultation quiz to help you find your perfect brew!

I hope you enjoyed this post and feel inspired to try some of my recommendations!




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