2018 Goals.

Twenty eighteen… can you believe it? Queue the cliche “2017 just flew by didn’t it?!”

Last year was a good year, maybe even one of my best yet in terms of achieving my goals. I worked hard towards them, and even though I probably didn’t achieve everything on my list, I managed to tick off more than usual.

So, consequently this year I’m aiming higher. I’ve set myself a few long term goals as well as my new year resolutions, so that hopefully I can move forward bit by bit and keep edging towards the larger picture. (Fingers crossed)

This year I want to…

Spend more time at home

I appreciate that this probably seems like a bit of an odd one, as I know a lot of people set themselves goals of attending more events, or see their friends more etc, but honestly I really enjoy a cosy night in. I like to light copious amounts of candles, get snuggly with a good book and a glass of red. (What can I say, I’m clearly an old soul) so this year I want to learn that its okay to say no to invites i’m not feeling and say yes to ‘me time’. Self care is important too guys!

Spend less, Save more

Pretty self-explanatory but by far the hardest one of my goals this year. I struggle with saving money because I’m one of those people that has the ‘Treat yourself, you deserve it‘ mentality. But this year I have to make a conscious effort to save and put money away each month.

Take more photographs and create albums

I’ve noticed that nowadays I take a ton of blog photography but rarely take photos when i’m out or more importantly of my family and friends. I also really want to start printing more photos and creating physical photo albums like my parents have as something tangible to have to keep and look back through.

Commit to more blog projects and be more organised

Now that I’ve set myself a blogging resolution of posting new content every Sunday, I want to also accompany this with a new goal of committing to more projects. I want to try to schedule in more brand collaborations and creative projects for my blog. Last year I really started to up the amount of content I was creating however because I didn’t have a proper schedule it meant that keeping on top it all was quite tricky.

Read more

Finally, I want to read more this year. I’m a sucker for scrolling endlessly through Instagram/Pinterest or watching Youtube videos before I go to sleep, so this year I want to make sure I’m switching off my phone and picking up a book instead.


What are your 2018 goals?


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