Lets talk periods | Betty Box.

It’s important to talk about periods. Period. (Like what I did there?)

And that dreaded time of the month, just got a hell of a lot more bearable, thanks to BettyBox.

Betty box is the UK’s first monthly subscription box that puts you, and your period first.

Now you’re probably wondering 1: why i’m writing about periods and 2: whats so good about a box of tampons. (Am I right?) Well, firstly, I really admire what BettyBox do. I like that they not only provide a great service and product, but they also create a platform for young girls to openly discuss and learn about periods. Something that a lot of us probably took for granted growing up.

You can tailor the subscription box to your needs and wants, each month.

You can find all your period essentials, from pads to tampons in all shapes, and sizes. You can even choose specific brands you like to use! plus, each month you get lots of cute little goodies to make your time of the month a little more fun.

BettyBoxes include sweet-smelling beauty products, perfect for pampering yourself and taking a little ‘me time’, stationary and fun surprises for school/Uni/college, plus tasty treats for those pesky midnight chocolate cravings! (because, lets be honest, sometimes all a girl needs is a big bar of chocolate!)

I must admit, I was a little sceptical of the concept at first, but when I received the product, and done a bit of research about BettyBox, I was sold.

It is so important for young girls to talk about periods and puberty and even more important to know that they can and should openly discuss and ask questions about it.

Not only is BettyBox a subscription that provides young girls with a convenient and discrete way of getting their period essentials each month, it also provides a platform to educate and discuss.

Its convenient, discrete and full of loveliness.

I got sent September’s edition, which was ‘back to school’ themed and super cute. I was pleasantly surprised just how much is included! With chocolates, popcorn, a hair mask, nail vanish, and cute stationary!

The box itself is designed to fit through 94% of all letter boxes, so it can arrive without any hassle.

I loved the packaging and the layout inside the box. With a section for now, a section for later, a section for night, and finally a section just for you. A well thought-out concept.

 I honestly think this concept is a bloody great idea! (another pun, sorry, not sorry)

If you want to know more, go and check out >> BettyBox << for more info!









  • Please note I was sent September’s subscription box for reviewing purposes. All opinions and thoughts are my own.





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