10 things you didn’t know about me.

I was nominated for the Liebster award by the lovely Tiffany. Her blog- Boho & Blush is beautiful! be sure to go and check it out.

I love the concept of this award. I think it’s great for new bloggers to get recognition and to encourage each other. FEEEELING THE LOOOVE GUYS!

Without further ado, let me started on my questions!

Outside of blogging, what do you do for work and what would you like to do in the future?

I am an Editor at a Publishing company. It’s great fun and allows me to write and be creative on a daily basis. Future wise – no plans yet, just enjoying the now.

How would you describe yourself in five words?

Fiery, driven, honest, creative and loving.

Handbags or shoes and why?

Shoes! (You guys would honestly chuckle if you saw how quickly i typed/answered that) I am a massive shoe enthusiast. I have so many damn shoes! They complete an outfit and you can feel perfect in them, whatever size or shape you are!

Who have been the most influential people in your life until now and why?

My family and friends, my secondary school media teacher, my peers at University and the blogging community. All of these people have contributed to my decision making processes and ultimately have played a part to get me where i am today.

What’s your favourite meal to cook?

Spag bol or chicken enchiladas.

What do you look for in a man?

Someone driven, ambitious, creative and passionate. I like guys who can hold an interesting conversation and get excited and passionate about the things they enjoy. Basically my beaut of a boyfriend, Feg.

Describe your ideal Sunday.

If it’s a cold winter sunday, i love a cosy day in. Having a nice long, relaxing bubble bath. Lighting some candles, grabbing all my cosy blankets and watching movies with Feg.

If its summer, a picnic by the river would be perfect.

Do you have any particular beauty rituals?

Not particularly. I use a exfoliating daily face wash by Clean & Clear,which i now swear by, and whenever my skin is looking a little worse for wear, i use the Mask of Magnaminty face mask from LUSH.

How do you stay body confident?

I’ve recently been going to the gym a bit more and i find that is really helping my body confidence, but other than that, you can’t go wrong with applying a bit of tinted moisturizer to add a healthy glow to your skin. That always seems to work for me!

If you could only be in one country for the next 5 years, where would it be and why?

England, without a doubt. I’m a true Brit through and through. If i was to move away, id miss the seasons, the quaint villages, the countryside, the coffee and the fish & chips.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and got to know me a little bit better!

I nominate:

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If you’ve been nominated:

When you’re nominated for the Liebster Award, you answer a series of questions that help readers get to know you a bit better! Then you nominate 5 other Bloggers, as well as shouting out who nominated you (that’s me!).

  1. Where are you from? What about you shows where you’re from?
  2. Coffee or tea? (latte, flat white, jasmine tea, etc)?
  3. Whats your dream job?
  4. What was your favourite film when you were a child?
  5. What’s your favourite season? Why?
  6. If you could get a degree (or go back and get a different one), what would it be? Why?
  7. What are the 5 things you enjoy most about blogging?
  8. Whats the best collaboration you’ve done? and why?
  9. If you could go back and give yourself any advice, knowing what you know now, what would it be?
  10. Whats your favourite past time?

Make sure to let those you nominate know and I can’t wait to read your answers!







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