Refreshing Summer treat | Yogurt pops.

For anyone who knows me personally, they’ll know iv’e been (trying) to cut back on the all the crappy things I eat.

So, i wanted to come up with something that was a yummy treat but also relatively healthy!

Let’s Do This:

Basically, all you have to do is pour your yogurt of choice into the ice-lolly moulds. I bought my ‘lil ice lolly tray from Ikea, which you can find >> here <<

Once you’ve poured in your yogurt, you can get creative with whatever added extras you like! 

I made three pops using strawberry yogurt and berry granola, and three pops using mango yogurt and fresh strawberries.

These popsicles are especially handy for using up a handful of leftover granola, once its layered into the popsicles and frozen, the granola softens to the consistency of soft oatmeal cookies —and yes, its as good as it sounds.

This recipe is super easy and something you can just have fun with it! throw in whatever tickles your fancy.

Once you’re done, pop in them up right in the freezer for minimum of 2 hours. This should give them plenty of time to freeze to a solid consistency.

Timer up! – run your moulds under the tap to help you to slide out your pops easier, and WA-LAH! All done and ready to enjoy.


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