Blogosphere Magazine | My initial thoughts.

This has been a long time coming but after receiving last month’s edition in the post, I felt like i needed to write a blog post on it. The latest issue was my third edition of Blogosphere and I can honestly say, hand on heart it is easily the best magazine I have ever subscribed to.

blogosphere 2I’m still relatively new on the Blogging scene, with Coffee with Meg turning a grand’ol age of 1 last month; so when I found Blogosphere Magazine It was a real turning point in my Blogging life. It was (and still is) a HUGE source of inspiration to me. I flick through the pages sprawled with beautiful photography, Blogging achievements and enlightening interviews with Blogging stars like Zoella, and Dina Tokio who are absolute (and i usually hate saying this but) – goals.

Blogosphere magazine is a a fairly new publication that launched in October 2013. It’s written by bloggers, about bloggers, for bloggers. It’s tangible, in an entirely intangible industry, and I think it’s absolutely lovely.

The magazine is beautifully designed, written, and collated. It features interviews, articles, advice columns, and recommendations from food, lifestyle, travel, beauty & fashion bloggers on which blogs to next keep an eye out for.

This beautifully put together mag is packed full of content from start to finish. Which is the most refreshing thing. The shelves today are full with magazines that are literally 90% advertisements and its such a shame. Before I discovered Blogosphere Magazine I was reading quite a few other magazines but none come close, and often I’d find myself not even bothering to finish reading (or looking at) them out of disappointment in the total lack of ‘oomph‘.

When I received my first edition staring the gorgeous Zoella in the post a year back, It took me a while to get over how thick the magazine was! Infact even now I am still so impressed with how much editorial goes into this magazine.

blogosphere 4blogosphere 5blogosphere 1

If you’re part of the Blogging community and haven’t read one of these- Go and subscribe via there website. It’s an all round perfect magazine to snuggle up with and get lost in!



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