Smash hit musical Mamma Mia | Review.

I recently went to watch Mamma Mia at Milton Keynes and what a night …

(If you didn’t pick up on the reference there, I’m disappointed)

mamma-mia-uk-tour-2017-production-shot-961-0010The show features Abba songs which integrate into the story written by Catherine Johnson. The story starts with young Sophie who lives with her mother on a small greek island. She is preparing to get married to her partner Sky and wishes for her father to walk her down the aisle. A simple enough request if only she knew who her father was…

Since Sophie’s mother has always been closed regarding this information, Sophie takes it upon herself to read her mother’s diary and discovers that three men could be her father and invites them all to her wedding. The real fun starts when the three men arrive on the island and start to realise just why they are there.

Their return to the island, 21 years after the summer they left is a catalyst for action and is a platform for some of the best pop songs ever written.

mamma-mia-uk-tour-2017-production-shot-961-0264.jpgThe show is a spectacle of colour and a has a real ‘feel good’ factor. Some would argue it is a little tacky in places but with that aside it is a must see for any Abba fan!

Helen Hobson who plays Donna stole the show for me, her powerful singing voice is sublime for the Abba songs that she belts out. Alongside her are her co-stars Emma Clifford and Gillian Hardie who play Donna’s best friends Tanya and Rosie, both add wonderful comedic performances that will have you in stitches. These three women create an exceptional comic trio and completely dominate the show.


Songs such as ‘Chiquitia‘, ‘Take a chance on Me‘ and ‘Does your Mother know‘ are great examples of this trio in action. The entire audience were laughing and singing along- It was a great atmosphere!

If you want a romantic sun-bright escape i can’t recommend this feel good musical enough. I went to the show with my older sister and my parents and all four of us left with a grin from ear to ear and feeling really joyful.

What more could you ask for?



* MAMMA MIA! UK Tour 2017 cast. Photos by Brinkhoff/Mögenburg

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