March 2017 favourites!

March has been a month full of great products, films and brand discoveries for me, so i thought i’d write a quick list to share some of my faves with you all!

Grace the laptop case- STM Goods.

I first discovered STM Goods at Blog Con London (Scarlett events) and instantly knew i had to get my hands one of their laptop cases.

For a blogger who carries her laptop around quite a lot, a compact and sturdy case is essential. I have tried quite a few different ones in the past but have found that in most cases (see what i did there) they didn’t actually offer any protection for my mac, which kind of defeats the point. This product does exactly what it says on the tin and i couldn’t be happier to have finally found a laptop case that is pretty, but also protects my mac!


Mother’s day range- Molton Brown.

Jasmine (The life of a social butterfly) and i popped into the Milton Keynes’ store the other to check out their mother’s day event and were not disappointed!

I am a sucker for anything Molton Brown. My mum introduced me to Molton Brown a few years back and i have been smitten ever since. Still to this day i’m always so impressed with the level of service you receive whenever you purchase anything from a Molton Brown store. The customer service is second to none!

One of my favourite gift sets they brought of for Mother’s day was the Comice pear and wild honey hand gift set. It smells absolutely heavenly, with notes of pear, honey and sweet biscuit- Delicious!

DSCF8773DSCF8775DSCF8787DSCF8800My other favourite was the Exquisite Vanilla and Violet flower body and home gift set. This came with a body wash, lotion and candle.

Next up we have…

Lucky dip box- Fable and Black.

Oh my goodness! This has to be one of my favourite finds from last month. If you’re a book lover like me, you will love Fable and Black’s etsy store.

They create the most beautiful literary gifts for books lovers, ranging from prints, bookmarks, pin badges and notebooks to mugs. I am usually quite sceptical about lucky dip/subscription boxes as i find more often than not, they seem to be a bit of a disappointment; but after reading lots of five star reviews on this particular one, i decided to give it a go.


I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of small gifts that were inside. It was definitely worth the money, especially in comparison to some of the lucky dip/subscriptions boxes on the market.

Me after you- Waterstones.

DSCF9367Following on from my Fable and Black section, it seemed fitting to discuss the book i’m currently reading.

“You’re going to feel uncomfortable in your new world for a bit. But I hope you feel a bit exhilarated too. Live boldly. Push yourself. Don’t settle. Just live well. Just live. Love, Will.”

I have read quite a few negative reviews for this book, most of them comparing it to Me before you; undeniably Me before you was a tough one to follow but its sequel should not be directly compared. I haven’t finished this yet, and admittedly it has taken me a lot longer to finish than most books i read, but from what iv’e read so far its beautifully written and tackles sensitive topics such as loss and depression in a very delicate and well thought-out manner.

On another note, if you’re a Gilmore Girls fan then you probably would noticed the bookmark in the picture. It’s from an etsy store called Bookmarky.

Bookmarky creates hand-made book marks for all the fandoms. If you love, Harry Potter, Disney, Alice in wonderland, Game of thrones or anything in between, you will love her little store!


Easter Range-Lush.

Check out my separate post HERE for the entire Easter range; but i thought i’d re-share some snaps of my favourite Lush easter products.

  1. Golden Egg.
  2. Chick’N’Mix
  3. Scrubee


Finally i have to mention…

Beauty and the Beast.


I recently went to see the new remake of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast with some friends from work and throughly enjoyed it. I was a little apprehensive as i’m sure most people were, as i adored the original and really wanted this version to live up to that.

Emma Watson is an ideal Belle in this wonderful remake. Its nostalgic and new all in one! Their character development was great and i absolutely loved Lefou and Gaston’s humorous relationship. Pure genius.

Thats everything for this post, i hope you enjoyed it!

What are you currently loving?



*This post contains some products that were gifted to me; all views are my own.

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