2017 – We’re ready for you.

Firstly, its confession time.

We are all guilty of setting new years resolutions in the hope to become thinner, fitter or healthier, yet by the time february is through us weak-willed fools have already stuffed that chocolate muffin in our face or had a cheeky glass of wine in front of the tele after a long day at work. It happens to the best of us, and at least we can say we tried, right?

Well not this year.. 2017 We’re ready for you!

I have created a list of little, do-able things that will benefit my day to day life, and (hopefully) help me to become more organised, proactive and creative.

. . .

  1. I will always carry a book in my bag. Trains will be delayed, shopping queues will be long and i will undoubtedly be stuck in traffic at some point or another; Carrying the book I’m currently reading will help me to fill dead time, rather than scrolling through Instagram or Facebook.
  2. Book a gym class i enjoy. I’m not much of an avid gym-goer, and when i do eventually push myself to go, I’m usually hating every minute and clock watching as i huff and puff on the treadmill. This year, I want to book more classes I actually enjoy, like Yoga and pilates to encourage me to get off my ass and get into shape.
  3. Have more ‘me time’ I think this is super important for everyone from time to time. Allowing half an hour to an hour to unwind doing whatever makes you happy. For me, its having a bath with a Lush bath bomb, slipping into fresh pyjamas, lighting some candles and reading a book. Bliss.
  4. Ask more questions. This is a bit vague, but I want to open my mind to new things. To be more curious about the world and how things work.
  5. Write more. I’m not talking necessarily about blogging or at work. I mean handwritten notes. When I was younger i used to write to a pen pal who lived in Washington, I would absolutely love to do that again! (If anyone is interested, drop me a message)
  6. Stick to a blog schedule. I love blogging, its easily my favourite hobby and i definitely think 2017 is the year to step it up a notch and be more proactive.
  7. Save money. No explanation needed on this one.

What are your new year resolutions?

I hope you all have a great new years eve and a healthy and happy 2017.





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  • Thank you for your lovely comment Megan, I really appreciate it! 🙂 Your post is very similar to my most recent one, I definitely believe in small manageable ways that can help us achieve our goals. Carrying a book is a good one – I definitely recommend a kindle!

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