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If you follow Song of Style on instagram, then you are probably aware that her long awaited book Capture Your Style is out.

Being someone who enjoys her instagram aesthetic I was pretty curious to see what her book was like. So, I guess the biggest question is did it manage to captivate me as a reader?


Firstly, I think its worth mentioning that if you happen to be a blogger or just someone who throughly enjoys using Insta, then its likely you’ve already heard of Aimee Song.

Even if that’s not the case, People still remain curious to understand how all these bloggers with millions of followers and a perfected instagram feed manage to maintain and create such beautiful content.

The book is full of written content which is fairly unusual for a Fashion oriented book. Especially considering the last fashion based book I purchased was IT by Alexa Chung, which in my opinion seriously lacked substance.

I was pleasantly surprised when I started to read Capture my Style to see that it included five different chapters:


I must confess I did go ahead and skip a couple of pages at the beginning because as an avid instagrammer the material was a bit ‘duh’ but dont get me wrong if you consider yourself an instagram novice then it would be an interesting read and would probably be incredibly helpful.

My favourite chapter hands down is chapter three: Become a Story Teller. I always liked the idea of following a theme or a particular colour aesthetic but never once did I think to tell a story with my feed, so all the kudos to Aimee Song for that! I wont give out specific details on how she achieves this (buy the book if you want that) but it was very insightful and cleverly written.

So here is a quick breakdown:

For novice instagrammers: GET THIS BOOK!

You will learn so much from it and it will catapult your instagram into the right direction. Not guaranteeing you will have a million followers but hey your IG will probably look nicer and you’ll definitely think twice before snapping and posting a crummy photo.

For all you Pro-Grammers and those of you who use it as a brand portfolio: GET THIS BOOK!

If you just love seeing beautifully styled photography then I fully recommend it as well. It’s almost the best of the best of Aimee Song’s Instagram and it does make you see why she has such a huge following!

For me personally: I learned a lot about travel photography and posting on this platform. I learned how to adopt her clever story telling abilities and got inspiration for my next few outfit posts.

If you’ve read it, what did you think?  Leave me a comment below.

Until next time lovelies!





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