When the winter air develops a bite and the light of day disappears into darkness of an autumnal evening, I love nothing more than coming home from work, running a bath and getting in my pajamas.

Call me boring but I absolutely adore cosy nights in.

When LUSH released their new autumn/Winter range I got a little carried away and stocked up on quite a few Bath bombs. I have had three amazing baths since my splurge and couldn’t wait any longer to share my thoughts with you all.

Without further ado, lets get started!

Butter Bear

Each and every year, LUSH tend to dress up their popular Butterball Ballistic and release it using a different design.

This year its in the shape of this adorable little polar bear. The initial smell of the bear is a rich cocoa butter scent, which is always a winner with me.

When it hit the water it seemed to lose its scent slightly, but what it lacked in aroma it made up by the texture. This little bomb made my skin super soft from its moisturising creamy texture.

Price- £1.95

butter bear 4.jpgbutter bear rotate.jpgbutter bear 3.jpg

Autumn Leaf

The release of the Halloween and christmas range from LUSH are both a blessing and a curse for bloggers. I have found myself with an abundance of products that i want to try out and blog about!

I was super excited when i saw that this bomb was part of the autumn/Halloween range. There is something very magical about this Autumn Leaf bath bomb. 

The scent is similar to the grass shower gel and from first glance the bath bomb is very eye catching! with layers of pastel colours one on top of the other.

In the water the bath bomb fizzes slowly and releases a gorgeous array of colour, leaving streams of yellow, green and orange bubbles.

Overall, this is a wonderful new addition to the LUSH range! I am definitely planning on buying more of these to last me to end of the season.

If you’re looking for something warming and pretty to plonk in your bath- Look no further.

Price- £3.75


Shoot for the stars

I have saved the best till last with this one!

This bath bomb shares it scent with ‘Honey I washed the kids‘ range and my god-it is heavenly.

With a gorgeous vivid shade of blue decorated with three rich golden stars across the surface this is one of the prettiest bath bombs on the shelves. The stars themselves are packed full of orange oil and beramot oil, which gave the bomb a rich, sweet aroma.

Initially the smell of cocoa butter is very strong but once the bomb has fizzed for a while you begin to smell the sweet scent of the stars, which gave off a buttery, toffee type smell. Which was easily my favourite part.

The colour it created was incredible and lasted the duration of my bath unlike a lot of the LUSH bath bombs, which tend to lose their colour quite quickly.

This is by far my favourite LUSH bath bomb- to date.

Price- £4.25.

Whats your favourite Bath bomb?


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