My top 5 Halloween films

Halloween is almost upon us! With this in mind, Iv’e created a list of my all time favourite, lighthearted yet creepy films that I dig out and re-watch year after year around this time.

Without further ado, lets get started!

The nightmare before Christmas (1993)

Jack Skellington, the pumpkin king of Halloween town becomes bored with his town’s namesake holiday. Jack wanders into the woods and accidentally finds himself in Christmas town. He likes the idea of managing Christmas and decides to take over the holiday and kidnap Santa Claus in the process.

Naturally, he doesn’t quite master the holiday and puts Santa Claus and all that is Christmas in jeopardy.

The Addams Family (1991)

10551_1.jpgThey’re creepy and they’re kooky and they’re altogether ookie… Which makes this a perfect film to snuggle down and watch around Halloween!

The eccentric lifestyle of the Addams family is soon threatened when the family lawyer and a greedy mother and son conspire to steal the family’s fortune.

Hocus Pocus (1993)

e0964503d857f011c83ad0c3d396afd7.jpg300 years have passed since the Sanderson sisters were hung for practicing dark witchcraft. Returning to life by a combination of spells before their execution, the three witches have returned, and this time, they have their eyes fixed firmly on their new goal- Immortality.

Corpse Bride (2005)

hero_EB20050922REVIEWS50921002AR.jpgA Tim Burton classic- Dark but fanciful animated style similar to that of The nightmare before christmas.

The young, Victor Van Dort (Voiced by Johnny Depp) lives in a small village in the 19th century. He is set up in an arranged marriage to wed Victoria (Voiced by Emily Watson) A partnership arranged by their parents.

Victor gets hitched on his wedding day, however, not to his intended bride to be, but to a corpse bride; A skeletal women who also happens to be..dead. The corpse bride whisks Victor off to a dark and mysterious netherworld where they are now married.

Will he ever get back to the land of the living?

Coraline (2009)

coraline-tunnel.jpgAn animated adaption of Neil Gaiman’s international best seller.

When eleven year old Coraline Jones (Voiced by Dakota Fanning) gets relocated with her parents to an old house in Oregon Michigan, She soon feels bored and neglected by her parents.

Whilst exploring, She discovers a small hidden door with a bricked up passage way. During the night, she crosses the passage and finds herself in a parallel world. At first glance, this strange new world seems even better than the real thing; her parents aren’t distracted by work and Coraline is the centre of attention.

But, when Coraline’s button eyed ‘Other mother’ attempts to make her stay permanent, the frightened young girl must summon her bravery in order to find her way back home and save her real family.


Whats your favourite Halloween film?


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