Telling people about your blog.

Hello lovelies!
Growing up It was safe to say I had a pretty hectic schedule.
If I wasn’t cramming in seeing my friends, or going to school, I was at a 9am-9pm dance rehearsal or doing a performance. My mum particularly kept me busy and to this day (although I moaned ALOT back then) I am very thankful she pushed me to do lots of things.
However, as much as I loved dancing, a lot of the friends I was surrounded with were a hell of a lot better than me and would push themselves twice as hard because they wanted to go into dancing professionally.
It wasn’t until I started blogging on this little corner of the internet where I began to feel that I’d finally found ‘My Thing’.
Apart from sharing posts here and there on Twitter, blogging remained one of those things that only celebrities and fashion companies kept. However, as I began to promote more posts on platforms like Instagram, I started to get comments from people I know personally and worked with.In this internet-dominated era of 2016, blogging still remains a hobby shrouded in mystery to the general public. I get asked a lot about what exactly it is I write about on this little blog of mine, to which I answer: “anything and everything.”

Now, when I see friends their questions go something like this:
“So how’s work? How’s the other half? How’s the blog?” And I can’t begin to tell you how elated I am that they recognise this little corner of the web as being part of my life.
It feels good being able to let your hair down and go into crazy photographer mode as you get that shot “for the blog” without feeling any prior judgement.
So, dear readers of mine, dont be afraid to let people know about your blog.
Even if you dont have millions of followers or earn a large amount of money from it, if you have a passion for writing and a love for it, then shout it from it from the rooftops.
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