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Grab yourself a cup of coffee and lets chat about this new Happy Planner from me & my big ideas.

If you’ve visited my blog before you may have already seen my post about my personal filofax from not so long ago, I wrote that back when I first became aware of the planner community online. Today, after watching various youtuber’s ‘Plan with me’ videos and reading countless blog posts raving about this particular planner, I decided to purchase one to use specifically for my new job as a production editor.

The Happy Planner is an 18 month planner/organiser which comes in various different styles.

I chose the second from last Planner (as seen below) As the black and white colour gave it that professional feel whilst the colour splash of the flowers gave a hint of personality and fun.



So, Why The Happy Planner?

For me this is easy to answer –

  • Customisable
  • Size
  • Price

The planner covers are 7.75” x 9.75” and the pages are  7” x 9.25”. It includes:

  • An 18-month planner with tabbed dividers
  • Weekly and monthly calendar pages
  • Colourful pages, quotes, and gorgeous fonts throughout (that fit with the theme of the planner you select)
  • A lot of space for creative planning and scheduling – including stickers, doodles, reminders, and more (The main selling point for me)
  • Rings so that pages can be easily removed or added.



The inside of the planner has pretty calendar pages and dividers with a different graphic or quote on each. Similar to the above, however each planner has different inserts depending on the theme and cover you chose, and at the beggining of each new month it has a page for you to write upcoming:

  • Holidays
  • Birthdays
  • Important dates
  • This month’s Goals
  • Currently – reading, planning, watching, cooking, eating, drinking, pinning, crafting, listening, feeling, and more!

and it doesn’t stop there; Me and my Big Ideas offer tons of extension packs you can add into your planner such as a Fitness schedule, Wedding planning and Recipe organisers, So whatever you want to use it for, you can tailor it specifically to that.

I also liked the size of this planner and the space to write. This was my main reason of purchase as I am due to start a new job that will need to be to me on my A game in terms of organisation. I needed a planner where i could scribble notes, arrange meetings and write out my to do lists with plenty of space to make amendments, which is something that my current filofax wouldn’t allow me to do.

I found out quickly that Planning can be super expensive; Although The happy planner is the slightly cheaper option to its main competitor Erin Condren‘s Life planner which to purchase and have delivered to the UK would cost around £60-£70! in comparison to my planner which was £25.



If you enjoyed this post and are interested in the planning community, I would suggest you follow these next steps:

  1. Get yourself a  Happy Planner If you live in England, We don’t have access to Michaels which is a craft store in America that majority of the planning youtubers rave about, however have a look on me and my big ideas website (Linked above) or Amazon and you should be able to find a deal.
  2. Watch the videos. My & My Big Ideas makes the Happy Planner, and you can see their videos here. Likewise go and check out Belinda Selene on youtube! She is incredible!
  3. Start decorating with pens, pencils, stickers, or anything else that you have in your stash, dont be scared to get stuck in.
  4. Get inspired by browsing planner layouts. Check out Pinterest – Google “Happy Planner” online . . . let other people’s creativity inspire you. Do what they are doing until you find your own way.
  5. Download some free printables to use with your planner. Me & My Big Ideas has a tag on their blog for download some freebies here.

Are you a Planner addict ? Let me know in the comments below which planner you use, and where you get your accessories from!


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