Why I blog and not Vlog

On a few occasions now people have asked me why I started a blog and didn’t start up an Youtube channel instead. Having thought about it, I could give hundreds of reasons but at the time my answer was simply, “I dont know”. So, here is my answer in form of a blog post:

1. You can go as fast as you want. 

This is the number one reason why I prefer blogs over vlogs is that. One paragraph is boring? Just move on to the next one. Blogger writes too much? I can just look at the photos; But you can’t do that with YouTube videos. Sure, you can skip parts, but then you have to trust the video is done with the part you’re no longer interested in.

2. Multitasking.

 This is one of my favourite things about blogging, I can write my posts while I’m watching a tv show, or listening to music. I sometimes even write posts on my phone while commuting, and to me that is so much more pleasing and relaxing. (And the fact I can blog in pjs)

3. Writing posts whenever you want.

When you want to film a video, you ideally need be in a quite place, with daylight or some form of lighting and backdrop; Well, I’m lucky to be able to write most of my posts from my bed. I like being able to write whenever I want.

4. Cute templates.

Designing something that visually pleasing is such a treat. Owning a blog you have the freedom to customise it however you want. I love visiting blogs and seeing all the different and beautiful blog designs, and unfortunately, that’s something youtubers don’t have.

5. Not worrying about how I look.

As I said above, I write most of my posts at bed at night. In my pjs, with a messy bun, wearing glasses, and no makeup. I feel comfortable and cosy but I would never want to film a video looking like that.

Note: I watch and love YouTubers videos, and I definitely did not mean to offend any YouTubers because I really do admire what they do.

Are you a blogger or a Vlogger; Or maybe you’re both.

Let me know in the comments!


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    • I definitely have considered vlogging! But for now I enjoy blogging so much I want to focus on that. Thanks for your comment, I love hearing people’s opinions 🙂