Hold up. Its June already?!

This year for me, has very much been centred around finding myself (Not in the hippy-dippy ‘woah thats deep bro’ sense) but more just figuring out where I want to go career wise, what I want to pursue and how I may achieve that.

When I graduated from University last year, I decided to dive straight into job searching. I was fed up of being unemployed and a poor graduate so wanted to get some money saved and start my career. I applied for various positions that were close-by to where I live, as I am very fortunate to be in a city full of offices and growing companies. I happily accepted the job I am in now and have been working there a year in July. I enjoy my job and am thankful for the opportunities it has given me to develop as a person however coming from an Art School in Cambridge where I studied for my creative degree, its safe to say I really missed getting creative.

This year, last month to be exact was when I decided to create Firstcoffee and I am very happy I did. The first question people tend to ask when you first come out and tell them you have a blog is “How much money does it generate?” and “Do you get free stuff?” Yes, Blogging is a platform that can generate a good little income when done properly and yes companies will send you products to promote but I wouldn’t necessarily call it ‘free’ as you’re giving them your time and creativity in return.

Here are 5 things Blogging has taught me (So far)

1. Notebooks and diaries will be your favourite and most used items.

For someone who already loved stationary before I entered the world of blogging it was inevitable that I would quickly become reliant on them to plan blog posts and scribble blog notes on, But not only are they useful for the obvious but they double as a gorgeous prop for flat lay photographs.

2. Weekends and evenings become dedicated to blogging or researching.

Now the good thing for so many of us bloggers is that blogging is our little escape from the craziness/business of our daily lives.. so I LOVE to spend a few hours every weekend/evening writing new blog content or scrolling through some of my favourite blogs. It gives me a sense of achievement every time I click the Publish button.

3. Writing is therapeutic.

Carrying on from the above point, writing is a nice escape from your thoughts, It gives you the opportunity to put your head into something you want to write about and then having the satisfaction of seeing how many people have viewed and read your content.

4. Your mind will become more open.

Blogging has definitely made me more organised, more driven and more creative. I can’t go anywhere anymore without being inspired by something and wanting to blog about it.

5. The Blogging community are lovely.

Iv’e already noticed how bloggers are always willing to help you out. I guess its because we all have this hobby in common and therefore it creates a genuine want for us to help one another succeed.

What Blogging has taught you?


Love, Meg x

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