Whats in my bag

Okay, so I need to begin with saying that yes, sometimes my bag can also contain food crumbs, hundreds of receipts, and various other random bits and bobs, but for todays post I thought I’d leave those details out…I’m usually pretty good with the inners of my bag and try to empty everything out either the evening before, or the morning of, to make sure I’ve got what I need and no more..(Well most of the time)

Townhouse Shopper bag – White Stuff

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 15.14.50.png

Lets start with the bag.

This was bought a few months back on a bit of a whim as i usually dont opt for tote style bags, however I fell in love with this one because of its dusty pink colour. Its super handy, with lots of separate compartments. Not to mention its pretty damn hard wearing – its kept up with me for this long and I am definitely one of those people who packs everything but the kitchen sink.

Car Keys

Car keys to my little red Citroen.

Complete with battered up keychains from Harry Potter studio tour.


Quick spritz of Perfume- Tommy Girl


The perfect perfume for a quick spray on the go. I used to carry around my Gucci Bamboo however I found I used way to much of it (Especially considering its quite pricey) so I shopped around for a cheaper alternative.

Purse- Ralph Lauren


Travel Mug- BAN.DO


My flavour of the month is this ‘hot stuff thermal mug’ from Ban.do.

As soon as I saw it online I had to have it! Not only does it have my blog name on it, It is one of the more reliable travel mugs in that it actually keeps your coffee/tea hot. Not to mention its bloody adorable- WIN WIN.



Makeup Bag- Ted Baker

(And pen)


These are the main bits from my bag at the moment.

As you can see from the feature image, I am currently reading Leave your Mark by Aliza Licht (And loving it) so keep your eyes pealed for a book review once I’ve finished reading.


What are your bag necessities that you can’t leave the house without?

Hope you’ve enjoyed todays post, Have a lovely weekend guys.

Love, Meg x


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