EllsBells Boutique

A short and sweet post this afternoon as its been hectic few days, but I wanted to let you guys know about an upcoming designer who is soon to be launching her new business!

Ellee Carter

Not only did she create the gorgeous illustration image for Firstcoffee; Ellee has studied Contour Fashion at the University of De Montfort AND to top it off, is launching her own company where she will triple up as seamstress designer and owner.

In the dancing world she is the definition of a Triple threat.

Ellee has been taking on customer orders since the beginning of this year, which is pretty impressive considering EllsBells boutique hasn’t even fully launched yet.

Her lingerie collection is incredibly sexy with use of soft silk and lace, which is arguably the best combo for a women’s undie set! Not to mention she will fit exactly to your size and preferences!

If you do just one thing online today it should be to swing by and LIKE her facebook page.

I’d love to see it get the recognition it rightly deserves.



Love, Meg x


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