How to boost your mood

Even the happiest people have bad days. It happens to the best of us, when no matter what you do, the world just seems to be against you. Heres a few things i do to help boost my morale when im feeling low:

Do a good deed
Fairly self-explanatory but doing something nice for someone else can have a huge impact on your mental state. It doesn’t have to be huge and it certainly doesn’t have to cost any money, but a small gesture can make someone else’s day and can also make you feel great at the same time.

Wear bright lipstick
On days when my skin is bad or eyeliner goes wrong, a bright statement lipstick can work miracles on making me feel better about myself. It not only completes an outfit but also manages to draw any unwanted attention from other areas you’d rather people didn’t look at.

Wear something that makes you feel great
Similar to wearing your favourite lipstick colour, wearing an outfit that makes you feel great will have a bigger impact than you once may have thought.
It doesn’t have to be a new top or the latest trend, just wear something that compliments your body shape or something that reminds you of a happy memory. It sounds silly, but your appearance can have a huge impact on your mood.

Make plans
If you’re constantly working or studying life can seem pretty repetitive at times. Even if you love your course or job, Its important to make plans outside of those things to give yourself something to look forward to. I recently booked a sunny holiday with my partner and it instantly boosted my morale to have something to count down to.

Learn to appreciate everything around you
I work in an office now which i drive to every morning, but whilst i was at university in Cambridge, I used to have to cycle every morning to my lectures and my part time job. (This is something I still really miss) but it used to give me plenty of opportunity to appreciate the smaller things. Cycling by the river, seeing the ducks swim and the rowers row; Just watching the world go by. Its important to notice the beautiful things that surround you every day.

Step away from your phone
This one admittedly is something i struggle with! I spend far too much time absorbed in my laptop, ipad or phone. Whilst i may be desperate to blog or scroll through Instagram, I have to remind myself that there is a whole world out there. Putting your phone down can make all the difference. I’m not suggesting a drastic digital detox (Great alliteration there!) but a few hours without the online world certainly wouldn’t do any harm.

Say something nice
Whether it’s a compliment to a stranger or a random text to your friend or family member telling them you appreciate them, spreading the joy can also help to create your own. I’m a hugger, so whenever I can, I like to give my parents a good’ol cuddle, its a good feeling for both you and them.

Hope these help you on a gloomier day!

Love, Meg x

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