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1. KATE SPADE | Cedar street Hayden | £325

I could honestly do a lust list just for Kate Spade. This gorgeous handbag has been on my wishlist for..forever. The colour is lovely and very fitting for the season and I like the fact it comes with a longer shoulder strap as well as handles. Now I just to need to save to warrant this pricey splurge!

2. PANDORA | Pink Rose ring | £40

I’m not normally a massive fan of Pandora rings but i really like this particular one. Its very dainty and delicate and i like the fact it has a subtle hint of colour to compliment the silver.

3. KIKKI K | Leather Organiser | £35.70

A lust list from me wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t throw in an organiser! I have written previous entries about my filofax but I recently stumbled across this brand and have been really impressed with their products. This leather organiser is a gorgeous mint colour and has lots of different features and matching add on accessories.

4. Royal Albert Polka Blue Vintage Teacup & Saucer | £22

(This is the point where my inner grannie comes out) however I adore these floral patterned tea cups- I think its the sentiment behind them as my Nanna used to have this collection.

5. Too Faced | Powder Pouf Brush | £24

Because no woman’s makeup bag nor wishlist is complete without a  reliable powder brush.

6. Samantha Thavasa | Alice in Wonderland Purse | £190

I came across this designer by complete accident the other day. Her website is in Japanese which makes it a little harder to shop.. but luckily Ebay has us covered!

7. ASOS | Daisy Street Scalloped pumps | £22.99

ASOS are absolutely killing it at the moment, with their gorgeous array of flats! It was hard to just chose one pair. The photograph doesn’t do them justice but they are a bright shiny (Mermaid) blue matched with a pretty scalloped trim.

These are my top 7 bits and bobs on my Lust List at the moment.

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Love, Meg x

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