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Tiger Stores have stocked up on the cutest summer range!

My hometown has only recently got a Tiger store and at first glance I wasn’t sure what all the hype was about; However since browsing their new range, I’ve fallen a little in love with their ethos and products!

Tiger started in 1995 in beautiful Copenhagen and have since developed from an outlet to a recognised chain. The store has a winning combination of on trend designs, and specialise in fun, decorative and practical products ranging anything from Homeware, Kitchenware, Stationary, toys and all kinds of hobby related items.

Think of it as the love child between Lakeland and Ikea, with a hint of Paper-chase thrown in.

There’s a vast range of mostly home stuff, from batteries to ipad covers, housed in a very nice shopping space. I really like the Milton Keynes store layout, everything is displayed clearly on one level, with smart lounge-style lighting to soften the look. Also, it’s fun to shop, around every turn there’s something even more useful and cute.

img_2820I recently purchased one of the Ice cream bowls (see left) which is now used to house my Washi Tape collection. These are the sweetest item (Excuse the pun) at only £2 each!

The bowl is incredibly versatile and comes in two colours; BubbleGum Pink and Mint green.

The cuteness continues with various other products all continuing the Pastel theme, Including Cake stands, notebooks, pens, pencil cases, highlighters, and bunting.

Honestly its a fab shop, and not to mention it seems open about its CSR too, which is pretty cool considering the stigma attached to cheaper products.




If you like what you see, go check out their webpage at Tigerstores.co.uk

*Note- You cannot purchase directly from their website.

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Love, Meg x

*Photographs from this entry are sourced from TigerStore’s Instagram Account.

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