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Last Christmas I asked my partner for an organiser. Ive always loved stationary and have had various journals and diaries before but never really seemed to need one more than i wanted one.

This changed once I started my new job after finishing University, It was then I thought it would be the ideal time to invest.

One word:


If you’re not familiar, Filofax is a system that has been around for years. Essentially, you choose a binder — in a colour and size which works for you — and then fill it with paper. It’s an enormously flexible system, which is why its popularity is so widespread and longstanding.

I must confess I am more than a little in love with mine (Saffiano personal organiser)

So..why this filofax?

  • You can feel the quality.
  • It has the week spread across 2 pages. (Lots of room to write and scribble!)
  • The rings are a decent size and fit LOADS of pages in!
  • Space for a pad in the back.
  • The colour (Limited edition and goes with most other colours)
  • Filofax is the go-to brand when looking for an organiser and has a good reputation.


I imagined most people would use their Filofax in a fairly basic way: they pick a black organiser, fill it with white paper, plan their life in it, and move on. However soon after i got mine, I was keen to take a look at how other people were using theres and how they had accessorized it. Naturally for that kind of search i took to Instagram and unravelled a whole community of organiser/Planner lovers! I was pretty overwhelmed by how creative these people are and how dedicated they are to making their filofaxs’ look absolutely gorgeous. I took to Etsy not long after and had a nosey around the different shops that sold the organiser accessories; Customised clips, Stickers and Washi tape, just to name a few.

There are so many ways to personalise your Filofax and make it your own. Go crazy! But for now I’ll leave you with some of my favourite Instagram and Etsy shops dedicated to Planning:

Hope you enjoy.

Love, Meg x

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