A warm Hello

Hello to whoever is reading this! (Admittedly probably not a lot of you out there yet)

This is my first blog entry on this fresh new page, so welcome and i hope you enjoy reading.

I should probably go ahead and introduce myself… My name is Megan-Rose. I am a 22 year old Merchandise Assistant living in Milton Keynes.

I graduated from Cambridge school of art not so long ago from a Television and Film production bachelors. (I miss Cambridge immensely)

I have a keen interest in Publishing and anything Brand related so would love to eventually go into that field of work.

This will be a lifestyle blog, so look out for anything from film reviews to fashion entries and everything in between!

So if like me, you’re a bit of a shopping addict, Avid film goer or just someone who enjoys reading blogs from your average girl next door, i would suggest you give this a follow.


Love, Meg x

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