Prepare for summer showers and evenings out in style with Jack Wills’s collection of premium quality, weather-ready outerwear.

If someone asked me to pick a timeless wardrobe staple, It would have to be a classic camel Trench Coat.

Whatever your style, it is undeniably an outerwear essential. It makes any outfit effortlessly chic and i love how versatile it can be.

The Trench Coat is one of those items of clothing that can be both dressed up or down. Picture a spring day, a bit of light shopping and brunch with the girls. What better outfit choice than a classic white tee tucked into high waisted denim jeans with vans or a pair of converse.

Or if you’re out for drinks, or wearing it for work; pair the Trench coat with a crisp white shirt, slim fitted trousers and red statement heels.

“With the ability to be styled with almost anything, it’s no surprise that the trench coat has transcended every season.” – Jack Wills.

Jack Wills have three beautiful trench styles available: the classic Duncombe, the adorable Dollyhill Swing, and the super fun cropped Havershaw.

The signature Duncombe Trench coat

This coat takes inspiration from original pieces used in the army and is the most timeless of the three styles. It is perfect for almost every season, with traditional gun flaps, buckled straps that tie at the waist and cuffs (to keep you super snug)

This timeless wardrobe classic is an investment worth making!

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The Dollyhill Trench Coat 

The Dollyhill swing coat (My fave!) takes inspiration from Jack Wills classic trench coats.

It’s a great combination of the signature features of a trench coat with the shape of a swing coat. This little beauty comes in the traditional stone (beige) colour but can also be bought in a pastel Rose colour. A great way way to not only inject a pop of colour into an outfit, but also to add more femininity.


The Hathershaw cropped Trench Coat.

The Hathershaw takes inspiration from the original Duncombe trench coat, and is inspired by the original trench coats of the 1850s, making a protective and stylish outerwear staple.

The cropped style is a great way to re-invent the classic Trench coat, by making it more casual and even more versatile.

Its a fautless length for more petite women who like me, would love to wear a classic trench coat, but can’t quite get away with the full length ones.

If you’re still unsure, Jack wills’ have got you covered!
They have listed six different ways to ‘Style the new season trench’ over on their website. Be sure to take a look at their guide and top tips >>HERE<<
I hope you enjoyed this post!


*This post was sponsored by Jack Wills. All thoughts and opinions are my own*


I have been after a pair of black full length dungarees for bloody ages! and everywhere seems to be sold out – wahh!

When the other day i was having a little snoop in the River island sale and i stumbled across a black denim dungaree dress which i snapped up pretty damn quickly.

I lived in dungarees as a kid and I’m loving them more than ever now! so, i thought i’d share my chilled/ running errands Saturday outfit with you all.

Tee and cake – Topshop t-shirt. (£16):

If I could I would wear a tee every single day of the year, trust me I would. Tee and cake tees are my absolute favourite! Topshop stocks their range so be sure to go and check them out. They do the sweetest designs ever. (Similar option: Heart embellished Tee)

Black denim dungaree dress (£15):

As i said above, i am ALL about the dungarees at the moment. Every colour, shape and pattern- GIMME!

ASOS leather western waist and hip belt (£16)

Such a staple item! ASOS are my go to for belts.

Jack Wills cross over sandals. (£24)

Another staple item that is super handy for summer is my dark green sandals. They are great with pretty much every outfit. I bought these last summer, so unfortunately they are no longer in stock but New look, Hollister and Next have a range of very similar ones.

Olivia triple cross body bag (£20)

Yep, i know what you’re all thinking, Its that damn bag again, but honestly i wear it everywhere now!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Have a great week.




Capture your Style book review

If you follow Song of Style on instagram, then you are probably aware that her long awaited book Capture Your Style is out.

Being someone who enjoys her instagram aesthetic I was pretty curious to see what her book was like. So, I guess the biggest question is did it manage to captivate me as a reader?


Firstly, I think its worth mentioning that if you happen to be a blogger or just someone who throughly enjoys using Insta, then its likely you’ve already heard of Aimee Song.

Even if that’s not the case, People still remain curious to understand how all these bloggers with millions of followers and a perfected instagram feed manage to maintain and create such beautiful content.

The book is full of written content which is fairly unusual for a Fashion oriented book. Especially considering the last fashion based book I purchased was IT by Alexa Chung, which in my opinion seriously lacked substance.

I was pleasantly surprised when I started to read Capture my Style to see that it included five different chapters:


I must confess I did go ahead and skip a couple of pages at the beginning because as an avid instagrammer the material was a bit ‘duh’ but dont get me wrong if you consider yourself an instagram novice then it would be an interesting read and would probably be incredibly helpful.

My favourite chapter hands down is chapter three: Become a Story Teller. I always liked the idea of following a theme or a particular colour aesthetic but never once did I think to tell a story with my feed, so all the kudos to Aimee Song for that! I wont give out specific details on how she achieves this (buy the book if you want that) but it was very insightful and cleverly written.

So here is a quick breakdown:

For novice instagrammers: GET THIS BOOK!

You will learn so much from it and it will catapult your instagram into the right direction. Not guaranteeing you will have a million followers but hey your IG will probably look nicer and you’ll definitely think twice before snapping and posting a crummy photo.

For all you Pro-Grammers and those of you who use it as a brand portfolio: GET THIS BOOK!

If you just love seeing beautifully styled photography then I fully recommend it as well. It’s almost the best of the best of Aimee Song’s Instagram and it does make you see why she has such a huge following!

For me personally: I learned a lot about travel photography and posting on this platform. I learned how to adopt her clever story telling abilities and got inspiration for my next few outfit posts.

If you’ve read it, what did you think?  Leave me a comment below.

Until next time lovelies!





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Telling people about your blog.
Hello lovelies!
Growing up It was safe to say I had a pretty hectic schedule.
If I wasn’t cramming in seeing my friends, or going to school, I was at a 9am-9pm dance rehearsal or doing a performance. My mum particularly kept me busy and to this day (although I moaned ALOT back then) I am very thankful she pushed me to do lots of things.
However, as much as I loved dancing, a lot of the friends I was surrounded with were a hell of a lot better than me and would push themselves twice as hard because they wanted to go into dancing professionally.
It wasn’t until I started blogging on this little corner of the internet where I began to feel that I’d finally found ‘My Thing’.
Apart from sharing posts here and there on Twitter, blogging remained one of those things that only celebrities and fashion companies kept. However, as I began to promote more posts on platforms like Instagram, I started to get comments from people I know personally and worked with.In this internet-dominated era of 2016, blogging still remains a hobby shrouded in mystery to the general public. I get asked a lot about what exactly it is I write about on this little blog of mine, to which I answer: “anything and everything.”

Now, when I see friends their questions go something like this:
“So how’s work? How’s the other half? How’s the blog?” And I can’t begin to tell you how elated I am that they recognise this little corner of the web as being part of my life.
It feels good being able to let your hair down and go into crazy photographer mode as you get that shot “for the blog” without feeling any prior judgement.
So, dear readers of mine, dont be afraid to let people know about your blog.
Even if you dont have millions of followers or earn a large amount of money from it, if you have a passion for writing and a love for it, then shout it from it from the rooftops.
Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 19.59.00

DessiDesigns – But first, Coffee

If you’re a blogger the odds are you enjoy a cup of coffee whilst scrolling through instagram or reading/creating blog content; and If you’re anything like me, then you’re probably a full on coffee addict, In which case this phonecase will be right up your street!

I think a phone case is just another way you can really show off your personality now, especially with the wide range of designs and colours to chose from. I stumbled across DessiDesigns on Etsy and instantly fell in love with all their products.


Firstly I wanted to mention how impressed I was with how quickly the case was delivered and how beautifully packaged it was. 

The case itself is just gorgeous! Dessi hand draws/Paints each design before transferring them onto the products, which is a nice fresh take on a product that is usually mass produced. 

This particular case’s design was created using watercolours which gives the illustrations a  lovely soft colouring.


“My aim is to create beautiful, fresh and unique designs that will not only protect your device, but will add some character and style to it. It is the perfect way to show your style too”. – Dessi

I tend to swap my phone cases around depending on my outfit, but I found this case to be the perfect match for both work attire and casual wear. The case accompanies my brown leather satchel from Cambridge Satchel Company perfectly.


and looks even more perfect when paired with loafers!

Dessi Design’s specialise in other products as well, such as laptop covers, candle holders, Notebooks and mugs, so if you really fall in love with a design you can quite literally have it on everything!

If you like this case be sure to go and check out her Etsy shop HERE


Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 19.59.00

*In collaboration with Dessidesigns.